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«Controversial innovations»: Public Attitudes Toward Genetic Engineering in Contemporary Society

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Опубликовано на портале: 12-10-2012
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In this article the author aims to outline the situation related to the perception of genetic technologies in Russia, as well as attempts to explain the observed differences in attitude to GMOs in Europe, the USA and Russia. As the hypotheses the author put forward suggestions about the differences, first, in the scientific literacy of the population (general educational level of scientific knowledge), secondly, in the scientific culture (the credibility of the scientific discoveries
and perception of possible risks and benefits of implementing scientific development), and thirdly, in the political culture (the control measures and government regulation taken in this sphere). The empirical study is based on the public opinion surveys conducted by Levada Center and on secondary data
research results of Eurobarometer and the National Science Foundation. The research findings show that legitimation of such contradicting innovations
as genetic engineering is made possible by a competent opinion of the population in science, and in countries where the value of economic benefits is
higher than the risk of possible adverse effects.
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