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“Biedermeier” and “Vormärz”: Russia as constituting ‘other’ in Restoration period (diaries of German travellers)

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Опубликовано на портале: 14-12-2012
Диалог со временем. 2010.  № 32. С. 94-122. 
The paper analyses the stages in shaping the image of Russia consecutive formation of Russia’s image in Germany during the Restoration period (1815–1848) in the context of social and political debates between the conservators and the liberal democrats. The research is based on the analysis of a voluminous array of essays (mainly represented by travel notes) on Russia written by German authors in the early 19th century. The materials were retrieved from the “Rossika” collection in the Russian National Library of St. Petersburg. The contradictory image of Russia described by these documents is considered as an intellectual responses of the conservators and the liberal democrats to the shifts in social and political situation in Germany during the restoration period.
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