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Street Children in PosttSoviet Russia

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Опубликовано на портале: 16-07-2013
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Alexander Arefyev and Natalia Berdyklycheva argue in "Street Children in PosttSoviet Russia" that "the lack of true statistics on street children in Russia (their number, age, sex, national and regional structure, duration of begging, etc.) does not enable the researchers to make a representative model of the sample and extrapolate the conclusions on street children en gros. Therefore, we had to limit the research tasks for the study conducted in FebruaryyMarch 2003 by the Center for Sociological Studies of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (headed by F. Sherega) with the participation of the authors. We studied only the characteristics measured within the interviews and applicable to demonstrate steady trends, as well as to make evident the reasons for the existence of such phenomenon, as street children. These are the migration trends, the durtion of homelessness of teenagers and kids, the motivation for becoming street children, the relationship within the groups and mechanisms of integration into groups, health conditions and way of life, forms of deviation, illiteracy level, family structure, expectations of the grownups, values and plans for the future."
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