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The Influence of the Spiritual Imperative on the Formation of the System of X-Economy Channel Institutes

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Опубликовано на портале: 03-06-2014
The categories «spiritual imperative», «channel institute», «data carrier institute» are defined in the paper. The classification of institutions in terms of their place and role in the mechanism of functioning and evolution of the basic matrix of societies is given. Spiritual imperative is a perfect idea about how a personal and a collective mentality objectively emerges and is subconsciously perceived by all members of a particular ethno society. It is implemented in the practical activity of the society as a spiritually- ideological imperative. It also determines the formation of the three major systems of channel institutes. These institutes are designed to organize adequate direction of the energy flow of people and their communities with the goal of self-preservation and development of a specific ethno society. Energy flow established data carrier institutes, their main task is the optimization of transaction costs in the society. The economy also forms its own system of channel institutes. These systems in the X - and Y - economies are not fundamentally coinciding. The implementation of energy in the economic action in X- economy is organized through the formation of the property of the channel institutes, in accordance with the spiritual imperative. Institutions of redistribution and coordination are adequate to the institution of ownership. The process of rights delegation for the disposition of the public property to individuals or its groups is particularly important.
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