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The Russian economic crisis of 2010s: causes, consequences, and ways out

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Опубликовано на портале: 15-02-2015
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2014.  Т. 12. № 4. С. 15-32. 
Started in 2012, Russian economic crisis is seen as a natural result of previous development of Soviet Russian economies and societies. The dimensions of the crisis and the dynamics of the economy are analyzed using alternative assessments developed by the authors. Compared with the data provided by the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation, the authors' estimates show much deeper fall of the Russian economy. The impact of the crisis on real economy, as well as the financial and foreign sectors, and the standard of living, are considered. We prove that the crisis' nature is not cyclical, but systemic. Furthermore - the existing economic policy will provoke its protraction. Possible exit strategies are overviewed, their strengths and weaknesses are revealed.
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