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Lecturer activity formalization and the universities activity effectiveness

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Опубликовано на портале: 15-02-2015
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2014.  Т. 12. № 4. С. 33-51. 
Тематический раздел:
The higher education reform in Russian implements large-scale of documented rules that regulate university lecturers' activity. Academic standards as predominantly informal norms are hustled away with formal rules that define the conditions of activity and create competition among lecturers. The consequences of the introduction of the mechanisms of university lecturers' external evaluation into the Russian higher education are the object of this paper. An attempt is made to evaluate the level of the public formalization of the lecturers' activity and determine whether there is any relation between this formalization and the public evaluation of the universities' performance in the paper. The fulfilled research did not reveal any significant relationship between the level of the public formalization of the lecturers' activity and the public evaluation of the universities' performance. However, the unfolding processes of external control strengthening will have far-reaching consequences. Most likely, the consequences will be negative, so is unlikely to increase or to replace successfully academic standards in universities with any bureaucratic methods.
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