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Combined approach to strategy building of operator as a polysystemic company

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-10-2016
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2016.  Т. 14. № 3. С. 50-62. 
This paper considers the operator as a socio-economic system, through the analysis of activity and prospects of further development of telecommunication market of Russia. It is proved that a modern carrier refers to polysystemic companies, activities of which require a special approach to formation of strategy of the company. The study has revealed that the specific path of development of a modern operator, the limit of extensive development, the search for new forms of income and ways of saving resources force them to enter into a partnership with its direct competitors. This "philosophy of cooperation" is evident at the present stage of development of the Russian telecommunications market, and influences the way of its development. The operator is a company with a specific form of functioning, bearing in itself the signs of polysystem. From the point of view of system economic theory, such organizations include features of all four types of subsystems, i.e. Objective, Environmental, Projective and Processive, each of which has a prominent weight in the total scope, indicating the peculiarities of formation of complex strategy of a company. For such organizations, it seems rational to apply mixed approach to formation of strategy of development, which differs from other perpetual forms of representation consisting of a set of long-term solutions generated by the operator in conjunction with a consulting agency, specializing in strategic planning. The use of such a mixed approach will allow polysystemic companies to establish a harmonized and consistent development strategy, considering the complex landscape of the market.  
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