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Characteristics of resource intensity and resource efficiency in Russian fuel and energy sector

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-10-2016
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2016.  Т. 14. № 3. С. 112-130. 
The article discusses the correlation between dynamic series (2010-2013) indicators of the degree of wear and tear of fixed assets, the ratio of the index average annual number of employees of organizations and production index (resource use), capacity utilization (resource efficiency) species and subspecies of economic activities related to fuel energy complex (FEC). Describes the phenomenon of chronic (2005-2013 of the year), The lack of jobs, compared with the number of people employed in sectors of the domestic economy in the branches, by definition, considered the most capital-intensive and relatively high wear and tear of fixed capital. We formulate a thesis on the relationship between qualitative aspects associated with the radical process of change of ownership from the state to the sphere of production fuel and energy (2005-2013 of the year) And negative changes in the quantitative aspects of resource forecasting, resource consumption and resource efficiency by labor and capital in Russia. On the basis of the foreign statistics are compared domestic indicators with those of Brazil and Norway, where the predominant form of state ownership of the resources in the area of production of fuel and energy minerals.
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