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Youth labor market as the systemic impulse for innovative development of the economy

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-10-2016
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2016.  Т. 14. № 3. С. 131-144. 
Тематический раздел:
The article justifies importance of organizational technologies for economic activity, based on the partnership as an integrative platform. It is shown that essential positive effects in the innovative sphere arise during creation of cluster structures which play a role of certain zones of favorable economic development and mechanisms of region's "innovatisation". As the authors put it, generation of an innovative impulse by clusters requires the experts for the lab our market to have certain competences and to express readiness for innovations. Accordingly, a special role youth labor market plays in innovatisation of economy is emphasized. Research findings are presented, showing the results of the analysis of characteristics of youth labor market and involvement of modern youth into innovative development. Empirically illustrated and discussed, the structure of youth employment is given (by level of education and age group, number of employed by age and employment group, employment structure in the informal sector and structure of the unemployed by age groups).It is shown that, despite the rather broad possibilities of youth to participate in innovation activities, in most Russia regions innovation potential is not realized to the full extent, and characteristics of innovative activities are still limited. Directions for development of the young specialists' competences are indicated, to allow youth to implement their innovative activity more productively and independently, and to hold an appointment in innovative clusters and other Integration projects of companies.
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