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National Models of Technological Development: a Comparative Analysis

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Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2018
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In the article, suggestions are made for the development of methodological approaches to using factor analysis of technological development of countries and revealing the related weaknesses. The article presents an overview of the ideas for the study of such categories as national innovation system, its elements – the scientific and technological sector and approaches to efficiency measurement and comparative analysis of national innovation systems of different countries. For the purposes of assessing the scientific and technological potential of countries, a method of constructing a scientific-technological balance which links the efficiency of the national economy to the sphere of generation of knowledge and technologies, is proposed. Analysis of the relative scientific and technological parameters showed that each country has its advantages and disadvantages for research and technological development. In particular, in China, the scale of research sector is not adequate to the scale of the national economy and its growth rate; Poland has been experiencing low returns from the sphere of applied research; in Russia the bottleneck for scientific and technological development is low efficiency of the scientific work expressed in the publication activity. Overall, the study showed that the scientific and technological balance constructing method is a successful one in assessing the impact of knowledge generation and technology development on the level of productivity in the economy.
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