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The Monetary Reform of 1947 and its Role in the Restoration of the National Economy of the USSR: to the 100th Anniversary of the Financial University

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Опубликовано на портале: 18-04-2019
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The authors of the collective monograph focused on the most topical theoretical and practical aspects of preparing and conducting the monetary reform of 1947. Regular attention was paid to organizational aspects in preparing monetary reform: the authors rightly examine and successfully analyze the work on the formulation of principles and methods for implementing the monetary reform of 1947 Conducted by experts from the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank of the USSR. In this regard, the collective monograph, without claiming a comprehensive analysis of the post-war restoration of the monetary system and the sphere of circulation, reflects the complex of modern views and approaches of economists, historians and sociologists in the following sections: preparation of the reform, its prerequisites; features of the exchange of cash and non-cash money; public response to ongoing activities; the role of reform in the socio-economic development of the USSR; theoretical understanding of the reform, its comparison with similar reforms abroad. In a separate section highlighted the issues of modern development of monetary systems in the era of globalization and digital technologies, and touched upon the expected future monetary reforms. The materials of the collective monograph are devoted to the analysis of the specific features of the implementation of the monetary reform of 1947 and the identification of its role in the restoration of the national economy. This reform is considered in the context of the post-war command and planning economy, its main socio-economic results are described in detail, convincing statistical data are given, on the basis of which a reasonable conclusion is made about the importance of monetary reform for boosting the post-war USSR economy. The undoubted advantage of the study is a wide source base, on the basis of which questions of the monograph are revealed. A significant part of the sources are archival materials.
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