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Private Tutoring in Russia: Description of the Phenomenon Based on Online Platforms

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-01-2020
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Private tutoring is widely spread in Russian Federation. According to different estimations, the market of private tutoring is more than 30 billion rubles. Being self-employed (from the viewpoint of law-makers), private tutors perform their activity in the informal sector of the economy and are “invisible” to official statistics as they do not pay taxes and have no formal status. Despite a number of legislative initiatives, which were established to bring self-employed out of shadows, most of the private tutors still operate without formalization and are see all legislative initiatives as another enforcement to pay “more taxes”. However, even performing an activity of informal nature, private tutors have a number of formal parameters that can be collected and analysed. This paper presents the results of the empirical study of private tutors in Moscow and its district. Parsing (automated data collection of Internet data with free access) of 6 most popular websites that provide information about private tutors in Moscow and its region was held – about 180 000 profiles with different parameters (gender, experience, price, review, status) of private tutors were downloaded. Results are presented in the form of descriptive statistics and are accompanied by analytical comments that are to mark key trends and positions in private tutoring. Moreover, segmentation of private tutoring in Moscow and its district on the basis of data collected, description of main behavioral strategies are done and the portrait of “typical” private tutor, who promotes his or her services via online-platforms is presented.
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