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Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Communicativeness of Employees in the Institutional Context

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-07-2020
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This study examined two dimensions of organizational citizenship behaviour (specifically – offering quality ideas and suggestions, providing help and support) and organizational communication skills of professionals at the work group level (e.g., department, research unit) and at the division level (e.g., management, faculty) in organizations of various professional fields, such as business, law enforcement and higher education. Ninety-one managers from eleven commercial companies, one law enforcement agency and seven higher education state institutions evaluated 624 employees (i.e., their subordinates) on two dimensions of citizenship behaviour and organizational communication using two questionnaires. It was found that the citizenship behaviours of offering quality ideas and suggestions and of providing help and support, as well as the organizational communicative skills of employees are more pronounced in work groups than in divisions in all three professional areas. Quality ideas and suggestions and organizational communication skills of employees (both at the group and at the division levels) are higher in the educational institutions and the law enforcement agency than they are in commercial companies. The help and support of employees (only at the division level) is noticeably higher in universities and in companies than in the law enforcement agency. Gender emerged as a significant predictor of two dimensions of the citizenship behaviour and, even stronger of communication in groups and divisions among company employees, as well as of the citizenship behaviour and communication at the division level in educational institutions. Neither age nor the length of group/organization membership correlated with the citizenship behaviour and communicativeness among all categories of workers (with just a few exceptions).
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