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Что такое экономическая социология? Это не "междисциплинарные исследования". Это не "изучение социальных проблем в экономике". Это не проведение опросов населения. Это не маркетинговые исследования. Что же это? (подробнее...)
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Organizations and Global Competitiveness [учебная программа]
Опубликовано на портале: 19-11-2007
Gary Gereffi
There is much debate about how societies can develop and become more competitive in today's global economy. A basic premise of this course is that international competitiveness requires an understanding of the organization of markets, which may be viewed as a network of buying and supplying firms organized around the provision of finished goods and services. These organizational chains are increasingly global, and have complex and shifting governance structures that specify the power relations among the organizations in the chain. This framework reveals surprising facts about who controls global industries, which firms make the most money and why, and how new business capabilities are emerging that will determine the corporate leaders of tomorrow. Attention in the course will focus on the organizational dynamics of diverse global industries, and on the competitive strategies of their leading firms. The geographic spread of these industries encompasses North America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Latin America, and Africa, both as production sites and markets. This course will expose students to current theories regarding international competitiveness; it will require students to retrieve and analyze original international trade data, and learn how to present this information effectively in tables, charts and graphs; and it will provide a team project experience in designing and evaluating global industry websites.
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