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Academy of Management Executive

Опубликовано на портале: 15-12-2002
Maurice E. Schweitzer, Jeffrey L. Kerr Academy of Management Executive. 2000.  Vol. 14. No. 2. P. 47-57. 
Managers consume alcohol across a broad range of organizational contexts. In many cases, alcohol is consumed with little or no consideration of the risks or benefits involved. This paper identifies hazards of managerial drinking, as well as the role alcohol can play in developing relationships. It is argued that the decision to consume alcohol should be made rationally and strategically, and advice is offered for managers setting corporate policy or making individual decisions to consume alcohol.
Опубликовано на портале: 15-12-2002
Robert A. Baron, Gideon D. Markman Academy of Management Executive. 2000.  Vol. 14. No. 1. P. 106-116. 
Why are some entrepreneurs so much more successful than others in starting new ventures? Previous efforts to answer this question have generally focused either in the personality traits of susceptibility to various cognitive errors of individual entrepreneurs, or on such external factors as the number of competing businesses. It is suggested that entrepreneurs' social skills - specific competencies that help them interact effectively with others - may also play a role in their success.