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World Bank Economic Review

Выпуск N2 за 2003 год

Опубликовано на портале: 22-10-2007
Jane Humphries World Bank Economic Review. 2003.  Vol. 17. No. 2. P. 175 - 196. 
This article overviews the extent and settings of child labor in Western Europe and the United States in the past. Historians must rely on a quantitative record that is patchy and difficult to interpret. As a result, it may not be possible to say with confidence whether the era of proto-industry or the early factories saw the high-water mark of child labor, and the nature and time path of decline remains debated. Nonetheless, broad trends emerge that put the experience of today's poor countries into historical perspective and provide an empirical backdrop for the analysis in the second and third parts of the article, which seek to explain why child labor increased during industrialization and declined thereafter
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