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Опубликовано на портале: 21-06-2006
Jesper Thyssen, Poul Israelsen, Brian Jorgensen International Journal of Production Economics. 2006. 
The paper accounts for an Activity-Based Costing (ABC) analysis supporting decision-making concerning product modularity. The ABC analysis carried out is communicated to decision-makers by telling how much higher the variable cost of the multi-purpose module can be compared to the average variable cost for the product-unique modules that it substitutes to break even in total cost. The analysis provides the platform for stating three general rules of cost efficiency of modularization, which in combination identify the highest profit potential of product modularization. Finally the analysis points to problems of using ABC in costing modularity, i.e. handling of R&D costs and identification of product profitability upon an enhanced modularization.
Опубликовано на портале: 21-06-2006
Shannon W. Anderson SSRN Working Papers. 2005. 
Strategic cost management is deliberate decision-making aimed at aligning the firm's cost structure with its strategy and optimizing the enactment of the strategy. Alignment and optimization must comprehend the full value chain and all stakeholders to ensure long run sustainable profits for the firm. Strategic cost management takes two forms: structural cost management, which employs tools of organizational design, product design and process design to build a cost structure that is coherent with strategy; and executional cost management, which employs various measurement and analysis tools (e.g., variance analysis, analysis of cost drivers) to evaluate cost performance. In this chapter I develop a model that relates strategic cost management to strategy development and performance evaluation. I argue that although management accounting research has advanced our understanding of executional cost management, other management fields have done more to advance our understanding of structural cost management. I review research in a variety of management fields to illustrate this point. I conclude by proposing that management accounting researchers are uniquely qualified to create a body of strategic cost management knowledge that unifies structural and executional cost management.
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