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Опубликовано на портале: 11-08-2005
Steve Remelius
The business of professional sports has remained prominent in American society for more than 100 years. Like every other business, every sport has had its up and down cycles, has faced legal disputes, and has faced internal disputes between employers and employees. However, in many respects, professional sports leagues are very unique in the business world. The current market and market structure of professional team sports has evolved and developed into one of the most active business industries. The business and economics of professional team sports has evolved to its current day situation because of the legal disputes and the disputes between the employers and employees. Through court and congressional policy analysis, it can be shown that the current market structure of the four major professional sports leagues can be related to the major court rulings and the action or lack of action taken by Congress over the last century. What can be concluded is that the market of professional team sports, especially baseball, still maintains a considerable exemption from antitrust law mainly because of the Supreme Court decisions and the lack of action or legislation passing by Congress. All professional team sports leagues today maintain a monopoly over each sport because of the exemption the Supreme Court has ruled with regards to antitrust law. Players have gained a considerable amount of headway in relation to controlling the labor market, but are always in search of more. Cases continue to be brought to the courts in relation to players and bargaining, and cases will continue for many years. What is next is that it must be decided whether or not these decisions and exemptions have actually improved and stabilized the market for professional team sports.
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