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Экономика развития - это отрасль экономического знания о проблемах развития и экономиках тех стран, которые принято называть развивающимися, или странами третьего мира. (подробнее...)

Journal of Economic Perspectives

Опубликовано на портале: 14-07-2005
Howard Pack Journal of Economic Perspectives. 1994.  No. 8. P. 55-72. 
This paper examines whether the recent theoretical insights stemming from endogenous growth theory have provided a better guide to explaining actual growth experience than the neoclassical model. The paper considers the available empirical evidence on a number of related subjects, including the slowing of growth in the OECD countries over the last two decades; the acceleration of growth in several Asian countries since the early 1960s; studies of the determinants of growth in a cross-country context; and sources of the differences in international productivity levels. It concludes that the empirical confirmation, so far, of endogenous growth theory is limited.
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