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Creativity and Innovation Management

Опубликовано на портале: 11-11-2004
Laurent Bourgeon Creativity and Innovation Management. 2002.  Vol. 11. No. 3. P. 175 -183. 
Faced with the evolution of the competitive environment, firms have to find the delicate balance between two goals that are sometimes contradictory: accelerate the time spent on product development and leave time to the personnel implicated in these projects to develop collective learning. This research shows that the project time has an important influence on the realization of collective learning during new product development projects. The commitment of the project team in activities like experimentation, detection and correction of errors, and research of new combinations which constitute organizational learning depends on the two conceptions of the project time. If the duration of the project and the time spent by the functional personnel on the project constitute the objective time of the project (first conception of time), the project time is also a subjective time which corresponds to the project teams shared vision of the projects deadlines (second conception of time).
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