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International Journal of Public Sector Management

Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Hubert W.N. Schrijver, Alex H. Vermeulen International Journal of Public Sector Management. 1996.  Vol. 9. No. 2. P. 52 - 56. 
The Dutch Ministry of VROM (Housing, Physical planning and Environment) employs more than 4,000. Discusses its progressive track record over recent years on organization and personnel management. Shows how the Ministry, by a process of "learning by doing", is adopting and adapting new ways in personnel and organizational development.
Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Norman Flynn International Journal of Public Sector Management. 1995.  Vol. 8. No. 4. P. 59 - 67. 
If we try to look at the future of public sector management in the UK, it might be more useful to think about what is happening in the rest of Europe, rather than looking at the USA ("reinventing government", etc.) and especially New Zealand. There are some common pressures on the public sector in Europe, but not a unified or convergent approach to management. In the areas of structural arrangements about policy making and service delivery, relationships between tiers of government, goal setting, planning, budgeting, evaluation, "user" orientation and personnel management, there are choices to be made.
Опубликовано на портале: 06-10-2003
Joseph Wallace International Journal of Public Sector Management. 1999.  Vol. 12. No. 7. P. 548 - 564 . 
This paper begins with a comprehensive review of the management literature on culture, and demonstrates close parallels with research and writings on organisational climate and values. The paper then reports the findings from an empirical investigation into the relationship between the organisational culture, climate, and managerial values of a large Australian public sector agency. The relative strengths of four dimensions of culture in this organisation were measured using Hofstede's instrument. Added to this were items from a questionnaire developed by Ryder and Southey, derived from the Jones and James instrument measuring psychological climate and providing scores across six specific dimensions of organisational climate. Measures of managerial values, drawn from a questionnaire by Flowers and Hughes, were also incorporated. Results show that levels of culture within this particular organisation are at variance with those reported by Hofstede from his Australian data. Findings indicate a strong link between specific organisational climate items and a number of managerial values dimensions. Additional relationships between particular dimensions of culture, climate and managerial values are also reported. From this, a hypothesised, predictive model of linkages between the constructs is presented.
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