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Journal of Industrial Economics

Опубликовано на портале: 31-03-2003
Damien J. Neven, Louis Phlips Journal of Industrial Economics. 1985.  Vol. 34. No. 2. P. 133-149. 
We analyse the properties of a Cournot-Nash equilibrium which arises when two monopolies, operating each in a separate market, become a duopoly in a common market with two sub-markets (the formerly separated markets) and are allowed to price discriminate across sub-markets. This equilibrium implies "intra-industry" trade (or "crosshauling") of identical commodities and freight absorption (which is an increasing function of the slope of the marginal cost schedule). It also leads to price differences such as those observed in the European car market. [Авторский текст]
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-03-2003
Louis Phlips, Jacques-Francois Thisse Journal of Industrial Economics. 1982.  Vol. 31. No. 1-2.
Inclusion of assumptions of the Hotelling-Losch approach; Spatial price discrimination in the Greenhut-Ohta approach; Analysis of quality choice; Spatial approach that typically implies partition of the buyers in sales areas which do not overlap. (From Ebsco)
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Опубликовано на портале: 13-02-2007
Ronald P. Wilder, Irwin B. Tucker Journal of Industrial Economics. 1977.  Vol. 27. P. 81-95. 
Although industrial organization specialists generally list the degree of vertical integration as one of the important elements of market structure, relatively little empirical research has been devoted to measuring the extent of, and trends in, vertical integration. M. A. Adelman's pioneering work in the mid-1950s and M. Gort's widely cited research on diversification and integration are the primary exceptions of this generalization. This paper reviews the concept of vertical integration and develops a measures which is used to analyze the trend of vertical integration for the four-digit manufacturing industries between 1954-1972 and for a sample of manufacturing firms over the period of 1953-1973. We conclude by testing some hypotheses concerning determinants of interfirm and interindustry differences in the trend of vertical integration.
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