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New Library World

Опубликовано на портале: 03-10-2003
Ann Lawes New Library World. 1994.  Vol. 95. No. 4. P. 8 - 12. 
There is a strong general trend towards outsourcing specific functions in modern organizations, both in government and corporate libraries. Reasons why companies contract out are looked at, and the advantages and disadvantages. Examines who are the library/information contractors - specialist information service companies, specialist suppliers, facilities management companies, management consultants, storage companies. Looks at the fundamental principles which should be adhered to - not least, quality requirements and specification. Examines staffing and management issues, and relationships and benefits of permanent and temporary staff, and their employer. Managing of contract staff and communication is extremely important, as is staff development and training. Long-term social issues and wide-ranging implications should be addressed.
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