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European Journal of Marketing

Опубликовано на портале: 01-10-2003
Emmanuel Ogbonna, Lloyd C. Harris European Journal of Marketing. 2001.  Vol. 35. No. 5. P. 744-764. 
There has been considerable research into the barriers to the development of market orientation. However, whilst researchers have alluded to the importance of top management knowledge, skills and commitment, the issues of leadership style has been largely overlooked. This lacuna in marketing theory is despite numerous indirect references to the importance of leaders in developing a market oriented culture. The objective of this study is to explore and describe the role of top management leadership style in influencing the process of market orientation development. Begins with a review of existing definitions of and perspectives on the content and components of market orientation. Thereafter extant research into the barriers and processes of market orientation are examined and critically appraised. Following a discussion of the research methodology adopted, the findings of a survey of leadership style and market orientation are presented. Concludes with a discussion of the implications of this study for theory and practice, highlighting the importance of this avenue of research.
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Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Keith Fletcher, Susan J. Hart European Journal of Marketing. 1990.  Vol. 24. No. 2.
Strategic Marketing planning in the British pharmaceutical industry is discussed, with the key areas of marketing personnel, planning procedures and associated analytical tools being focused upon. The responses of a number of companies to whom detailed questionnaires were sent, are shown in tables. These detail, for example, who is responsible, in a particular company for strategic planning, issues, and use of analytical tools. The impression gained from these responses show an extremely marketing-oriented industry.