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International Journal of Manpower

Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
John O. Burdett International Journal of Manpower. 1993.  Vol. 14. No. 8.
Describes the approach to replacement and succession planning successfully used by the human resource function of a Canadian packaging group. The approach is based on the evaluation of seven essential behavioural characteristics for managers as criteria separately for replacement (today) and succession (three to five years on). Advocates the development of both generic and job-focused behavioural competences and the institutionalization of succession/replacement planning.
Опубликовано на портале: 17-09-2004
Peter J. Sloane, Daniel Mackay International Journal of Manpower. 1997.  Vol. 18. No. 7. P. 597-626. 
Examines employment equity legislation, initially introduced in the UK during the 1970s, along with separate legislation covering sex, race, religion and disability, together with separate enforcement bodies, and separate geographical arrangements in Britain and in Northern Ireland. Notes the role of European Community Law which takes precedence over UK law and increasingly dictates legislation changes. Claims that the period since the 1970s has witnessed growing levels of unemployment, along with a focus on de-regulation of labour markets. Most British empirical work focuses on explaining earnings differentials using the standard Mincer human capital model with comparative neglect of employment equality issues. The fundamental question is to what extent has employment equity legislation been successful in removing labour market discrimination against minority groups. Uses a cross-section of data from the 1994 labour force survey to attempt to explain differences in employability across various groups and to analyse the degree of occupational segregation across these same groups which remain after nearly 20 years of experience of employment equity legislation. Reviews the legislation and then estimates first, logit equations to explain employability and second, ordered probit equations to explain occupational attainment, in each case decomposing the results in order to estimate the proportion of the differential which may be explained by "discrimination".
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Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Kenneth Ojo International Journal of Manpower. 1989.  Vol. 10. No. 6.
One of the most serious obstacles to the development of effective health services is inadequate supply of trained health manpower. An overview is presented of the current numbers and types of health personnel, their roles and trends over time, their geographical distribution across Nigeria and efforts to influence it. It is indicated that in Nigeria the geographical distribution of medical personnel is extremely uneven and that there is a need for fundamental changes in health manpower policy.
Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Brian Parker, David Caine International Journal of Manpower. 1996.  Vol. 17. No. 8. P. 30 - 45. 
Gives the background to human resource planning (HRP) and argues that HRP tools are still an essential management requirement. Looks, therefore, to HRP tools that are not so mathematically complex as to be of little use to the average practitioner. Provides an approach which harnesses modern spreadsheet technology to implement the previously esoteric tools of analysis - "holonic modelling". Holonic modelling recognizes that computer power and the flexibility of software packages allow problems to be structured in a flexible manner. Goes on to demonstrate the use of holonic modelling in the context of HRP.
Опубликовано на портале: 20-08-2003
A.H. van der Zwaan, J.H. von Eije, M.C. de Witte International Journal of Manpower. 2002.  Vol. 23. No. 2. P. 126-136. 
На примере выборки из 28 голландских IPO-фирм авторы статьи отследили организационные и HR-изменения, сопровождавшие преобразование из частной фирмы в публичную. Во большинстве случаев, как и предполагалось в недавних публикациях, наблюдались растущая эффективность и стремление к подотчетности, а также зависимость между финансовым участием и продуктивностью. Это указывает, что HR связывает с IPO императив прозрачности и подотчетности, присущий IPO-фирмам. В отличие от других исследований IPO-фирм, в Голландии в среднем случае в первые годы после начала котировок наблюдался рост, а не снижение производительности.
Опубликовано на портале: 19-10-2004
R. Dickens, Stephen Machin, Alan Manning International Journal of Manpower. 1994.  Vol. 15. No. 2. P. 26-48. 
Presents a theoretical approach to analysing the effects of minimum wages on employment which is intended to conform more with the functioning of actual labour markets than do other popular models traditionally used to analyse the likely effects of minimum wages on employment. The model has the desirable property of not only allowing for the negative effect predicted by conventional models, but also permitting a non-negative impact, which is consistent with several recent empirical pieces of work. Examines the employment effects of the industry-level system of minimum wages, which operated in the UK until September 1993. Results reported are not in line with the orthodox model as they suggest a neutral or positive impact of Wages Council minimum wages on employment between 1978 and 1990.
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Опубликовано на портале: 09-01-2003
Patricia Crifo-Tillet, Marie-Claire Villeval International Journal of Manpower. 2001.  Vol. 22. No. 1. P. 83 - 98. 
In relation to the analysis of inequality and skill-bias innovation, this article develops a theoretical model for determining the influence of work organisation on incentives and earnings. In a linear agency model, which explains innovative work organisation practices from an incentive perspective, we show that the static impact of organisational forms on expected earnings can be decomposed into two effects (a risk premium effect and a task complementarity effect originated in learning and information diffusion). Such effects drive productivity and expected pay-offs upward, as observed in many recent empirical studies. Thus, the development of new work practices based on a greater degree of delegation contributes to the increase of earnings inequality. In a dynamic perspective, the model shows that knowledge dissemination will in general sustain the same trend. However, when initial efforts and productivity are relatively high, output and pay-offs will decline during the transition to the steady-state. The overall impact of organisational forms on earnings and inequality may therefore be ambiguous, depending on the importance of learning.
Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
John P. Kohl, Alan N. Miller International Journal of Manpower. 1992.  Vol. 13. No. 1.
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) has received extensive coverage in both the popular press and academic journals during the past five years. Research has focused on medical knowledge regarding the disease and statistical estimates of its present and future impact on society. A second area of research has focused on probable and/or legal protections of individuals with AIDS under US federal, state, and local laws. Little information has been reported regarding what organizations in the US are doing to deal with this growing crisis. Reviews the relevant medical and legal literature to date, and reports the results of a recent survey of personnel professionals regarding their organizations' present and planned AIDS policies. Offers recommendations for future actions by business firms.
Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Rachid Zeffane, Geoffrey Mayo International Journal of Manpower. 1994.  Vol. 15. No. 6.
Today, human resource managers do not have the luxury of operating and performing in a stable, predictable environment as political, social and economic changes are affecting all organizations and their human resource management activities. In particular, the dominant environmental uncertainties combined with recent trends/changes in the socio-economic climate are having considerable effects on the place and role of human resource planning (HRP). Outlines some of the major issues surrounding the HRP function in the face of the above uncertainties and changes. An operational HRP model designed to incorporate these is proposed and outlined. Suggestions for implementing the model by means of simple spreadsheets or a basic (object oriented) computerized decision support system are also made. A preliminary computerized decision support system, based on the proposed model, can easily be developed. This would prove of great assistance to human resource managers, planners and professionals in the challenging task of personnel planning in the 1990s. Also outlines the various scenarios and procedures required in building the operational model.
Опубликовано на портале: 17-09-2004
Steven E. Abraham International Journal of Manpower. 1997.  Vol. 18. No. 8.
As US firms expand into Canada, it becomes necessary for them to be aware of Canadian law governing labour and employment. Unlike what many might think, the laws in the two countries are substantially different. Further, the effects of these differences have been demonstrated empirically. Considers the differences between US and Canadian labour law in seven areas: certification procedures; first contract arbitration; new technologies; strike replacements; successorship; employee participation programmes and union security. Discusses the effects of the laws in these areas.
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Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Tung-Chun Huang International Journal of Manpower. 2001.  Vol. 22. No. 8. P. 736 - 747. 
Succession planning concerns the selection of talented employees to replace senior managers who leave the firm because of retirement, reassignment, or other reasons. Effective succession planning emphasizes minimizing disruption and dislocation arising from such personnel changes, with a view to implementing business strategy and achieving organizational goals in a smooth and continuous manner. Although succession planning is an essential requirement for the long-term development and success of business enterprises, previous studies have rarely investigated the empirical relationship between succession programs and human resource outcomes. This study employs empirical data collected from business firms in Taiwan to address that question.
Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
Christopher Orpen International Journal of Manpower. 1994.  Vol. 15. No. 1.
Examines the effects of organizational and individual career management on the career success of 120 supervisory managers. A special 35-item Organization Career Management Scale was developed from a workshop held with ten personnel managers from organizations employing the participants. Significant correlations were obtained between organization career management, as perceived by the subjects, and indicators of career success. The correlations between individual career planning and tactics, and the same indicators of career success, were also significant. Finally, individual career planning and tactics added significantly to the amount of variation in career success explained by organization career management, supporting a "joint responsibility" perspective of career management in organizations. Develops implications of these findings for practice.
Опубликовано на портале: 20-08-2003
Adnane Belout, Simon L. Dolan, Tania Saba International Journal of Manpower. 2001.  Vol. 22. No. 3. P. 207 - 215. 
Рассматриваются новые направления HR-менеджмента в Канаде: возникновение новых ролей для HR; новые формы партнерства, особенно в управлении трудовыми отношениями; глобализация в ежедневных операциях с HR; вопросы рабочей жизни; программы, связанные с меняющейся демографией; стремление к сокращению и работа со слияниями и приобретениями.
Опубликовано на портале: 13-02-2003
Carolyn Wiley International Journal of Manpower. 1997.  Vol. 18. No. 3. P. 263 -- 280 . 
В историко-сравнительной перспективе по данным 4-х исследований мотивации, проводившихся в 1946, 1980, 1986 и 1992 гг., рассматриваются взгляды служащих на мотивационные факторы, связанные с работой. Сравнительный анализ показал, что мотивационные предпочтения служащих подвержены изменениям. Результаты последнего по времени проведения исследования (1992 г.) свидетельсвуют, что мотиватия современных рабочих в большей степени связана с внешними факторами, чем прежде. Большинство опрошенных отметили позицию "высокая заработная плата" в качестве сильнейшего мотивационного стимула. Выдвигается мнение, что оценивать этот тип мотивации только как внешний недостаточно, поскольку денежно-кредитные вознаграждения косвенно содержат информацию о ценностях компании и эмоциональном, семейном благополучии служащих.
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