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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2003
Ana-Maria Aldanondo, Javier Puertolas
In this paper we use a general equilibrium model to examine the effects of international quota transfer when a quota restricts world commodity production whilst the trade in an intermediate good is not regulated. The analysis shows that, when the quota regime is not internationally transferable, intermediate input trade substitutes for final good trade. In these circumstances, the distortions are lower than expected. International quota transfer increases world welfare proportionally to quota rent gap. Welfare distribution is also conditioned by commodity terms of trade and, particularly, by the outcome of the intermediate good price.
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Опубликовано на портале: 04-01-2004
Julian M. Alston, Philip G. Pardey
Berlin, 2000
Estimated rates of return to research are distorted by problems of attributing the credit for particular research results, or for particular research-induced productivity increases, to research expenditures undertaken at different times, in different places, and by different agencies. A comprehensive assessment of the evidence from past economic evaluations of the returns to agricultural R&D indicates that studies generally report high rates of return, with enormous variation among studies, but that much of this evidence has been tainted by inadequate attention to attribution problems. br>
This paper raises these concerns in a general way, and illustrates their importance with reference to two particular types of attribution problem. First, we consider the problem of accounting for locational spillovers in attributing varietal improvement technology among research performers, using U.S. wheat varieties as an example. Second, we consider the temporal aspects of the attribution problem using the specification of research lags in econometric models to illustrate the problem of attributing aggregate productivity gains to research expenditures at different times.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
David M. Anderson, Joseph Pine
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1996
Agile Product Development for Mass Customization offers leading-edge techniques companies can use to enhance agility, improve variety, reduce costs, develop products quicker, speed delivery and satisfy unique customer needs. This practical guide shows how manufacturers can: Reduce cost by understanding, quantifying and minimizing the ``cost of variety''; Significantly improve profits, release valuable resources, improve flexibility and encourage the development of mass customized products; Lower costs and improve flexibility by standardizing parts, processes, features, tools and raw materials.

В книге представлены методы и техники, которые могут быть использованы компаниями для ускорения разработки новых продуктов, снижения издержек, ускорения доставки продуктов и удовлетворения индивидуальных (уникальных) нужд потребителей. Книга послужит практическим руководством для производителей, стремящихся максимально удовлетворить индивидуальные запросы потребителей, получив при этом значительную прибыль.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-09-2004
Robin Bade, Michael Parkin
Boston: Addison Wesley Higher Education, 2003
Bade and Parkin have changed all that for the better. In the book they provide a serious yet accessible economics course that is focused on helping students:
understand the basic principles of economics
connect these principles to today's economic issues
develop a lasting interest in economics as a relevant part of their own lives.
Each chapter focuses on a limited number of core concepts, to allow students to thoroughly explore, analyze, and review a concept before moving on to the next one. Learning objectives are explicitly linked at the beginning of each chapter to the core concepts; checkpoints maintain and refer back to these specific links. Chapters are formatted with a carefully balanced blend of text and graphics that provide visual clarification without clutter or unnecessary distractions. The writing style throughout is fluid and conversational, reinforcing the underlying principle that economics is an everyday issue that can be addressed in everyday language.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
John C. Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Sung Joon Park
As part of its food security policy, South Korea has been pursuing food self-sufficiency using high tariffs and high administrative prices in key agricultural and food markets. Using a dual approach to trade and trade restrictiveness indices, we analyze the impact of these market distortions on welfare and trade volume. Then, we compute optimum distortions, which minimize the welfare cost of observed self-sufficiency and production objectives. We rationalize these optimum distortions to what could be claimed as legitimate protection under a “food security” (FS) box in World Trade Organization negotiations. FS-box protection is sensitive to changes in the definition and the extent of the FS objectives. We show that FS via production targets and reliance on imports would be more palatable to consumers and trade partners, while preserving rents to the farm sector.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Samuel Benin, Melinda Smale, Berhanu Gebremedhin, John Pender, Simeon K. Ehui
On farm conservation of crop diversity entails policy challenges, especially when the diversity of crops maintained on farms has both inter-specific (among crops) and infra-specific (within a crop) components. Survey data is used to compare the determinants of inter- and infra-specific diversity on household farms in the highlands of northern Ethiopia. Physical features of the farm, and household characteristics such as livestock assets and the proportion of adults that are men, have large and significant effects on both the diversity among and within cereal crops grown, varying among crops. Demographic aspects such as age of household head and adult education levels affect only infra-specific diversity of cereals. Though there are no apparent trade-offs between policies that would enhance one type of diversity (richness) versus another (evenness), those designed to encourage infra-specific diversity in one cereal crop might have the opposite effect on another crop. Trade-offs between development and diversity in this resource-poor system are not evident. Market-related variables and population density have ambiguous effects. Education positively influences cereal crop diversity. Growing modern varieties of maize or wheat does not detract from the richness or evenness of these cereals on household farms.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Catherine Benjamin, Isabelle Piot
The European Union beef market regulation is largely influenced by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). With the 1992 CAP reform, there was a partial shift by the EU from product price support to a more direct form of income support by way of direct payments. For beef there was a move to direct payments on intermediate products which was essentially a direct payment for the possession of various categories of animals and these were linked to a land resource base. The Agenda 2000 reform consists in a further price decrease associated with an increase in direct payments. The objective of this paper is to assess how the behaviour of beef producers is sensitive to changes in production prices and to changes in premiums. The analysis relies on an analytical framework which allows to take into account the dynamic feature of beef production and the subsidies provided by the Common Agricultural Policy. We studys how the beef supply response is modified when various exogenous variables like prices or premiums are changed. The application focuses on the dynamics of beef supply response in the French beef sector.
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Опубликовано на портале: 01-09-2003
Ben S. Bernanke, Thomas Laubach, Frederic S. Mishkin, Adam S. Posen
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001
Inflation Targeting is a groundbreaking study that will have a major impact on the debate over the right monetary strategy for the coming decades. As a unique comparative study of what central banks actually do in different countries around the world, this book will also be invaluable to anyone interested in how economic policy is made.
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Опубликовано на портале: 26-04-2007
Julian Birkinshaw, Gita Piramal
New York: Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2006, 400 с.
Sumantra Ghoshal on Management represents Ghoshal’s twenty-year intellectual odyssey to challenge the underpinnings of management thought; to expose, rework and replace the foundation stones of management thinking. Exploring his key ideas, and reflecting his genius for collaboration along the way, this book shows how he had become a force for good in the world of management
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Опубликовано на портале: 01-07-2004
"Основы менеджмента" - очень сильная книга; особый интерес представляют предваряющие каждую тему конкретные ситуации, распределенные по тексту вопросы для обдумывания (как бизнеса, так и приведенной ситуации), заключение к каждой главе, представленное в особом виде: содержание, процесс, контроль и обучение (что авторами называется интегральной структурой менеджмента). Книга насквозь пронизана идеологией управления изменениями. Сильный аромат европейского менеджмента (в том числе из-за европейских бизнес-ситуаций), или, скорее, меньше американизма.
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Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2002
Andrea Bonaccorsi, Paola Giuri, Francesca Pierotti
The paper studies the relations between technological strategies and market success of firms, through an empirical analysis of the commercial aero-engine industry since 1948 to 1997 detailed at the level of competition among single firms products. It uses a multidimensional measure of technical progress through Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for measuring technological performances of single products and firms and data on sales of each product over time for representing market success. The paper confirms the existence of heterogeneity of firms technological strategies and draws some main conclusions with respect to strategies of convergence and divergence from the technological frontier, first mover advantage and survival of inefficient products.
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Опубликовано на портале: 11-12-2002
Timothy J. Brailsford, Barry R. Oliver, Sandra L. H. Pua
Agency theory embeds the influential relationship that exist between managers and shareholders of firms. This relationship has the potential to influence decision-making in the firm which in turn has potential impacts on firm characteristics such as firm value. Prior evidence has demonstrated an association between ownership structure and firm value. This paper extends the literature by proposing a further link between ownership structure and capital structure. Using an agency framework we argue that the distribution of equity ownership among corporate managers and external blockholders has a significant relationship with leverage. The paper tests four hypotheses that explore various aspects of this relationship. The empirical results provide support for a positive relationship between external blockholders and leverage, a curvilinear relationship between the level of managerial share ownership and leverage and finally, the results suggest that the relationship between external block ownership and leverage varies across the level of managerial share ownership. These results parallel and are consistent with the active monitoring hypothesis, convergence-of-interests and the entrenchment hypotheses which have been proposed in a different context.
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Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2003
Frances Brassington, Stephen Pettitt
Изд-во: Pearson Education, 2002, 1160 с.
Principles of Marketing offers a well-structured, comprehensive and detailed journey through fundamental marketing concepts and the strategic context in which they are applied. As well as thorough theoretical coverage, this text emphasises implementation and application through highlighted examples, vignettes and case studies based on a wide variety of national and international organisations and brands.

Книга описывает фундаментальные маркетинговые концепции и показывает стратегический контекст, в котором они применяются. В тексте содержится множество реальных примеров применения принципов маркетинга национальными и международными организациями.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2003
Maury E. Bredahl, Sjur Spildo Prestegard, Nils Kristian Nersten
The ongoing negotiations in the WTO will most certainly lead to a further liberalization of the global agricultural trade. Related to this, many national governments, including Norway, Switzerland and Japan have placed substantial emphasis on the so-called non-trade concerns. In addition to the production of food and fiber, agriculture also provides or may provide national food security, environmental benefits, and viable rural areas. The term “Multifunctional Agriculture” has been applied to describe these additional functions. In this paper, we will show how the economic concepts of “positive and negative externalities” and “public goods” can be used to analyse non-trade concerns and multifunctionality, especially with reference to agriculture’s impact on the environment. We conclude the paper with suggestions for international trade rules that can allow countries to meet domestic environmental policy objectives in a minimally trade-distorting manner.
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Опубликовано на портале: 27-03-2004
Peter Burke, Roy Porter
Изд-во: Cambridge University Press, 1987, 236 с.
Сборник представляет собой эссе социальных историков Британии, Франции и Италии с 16 по 20 вв. Авторы обращают внимание на язык всех социальных измерений и групп. Отмечается, что в последние годы социальные историки открыли направление, которое может быть названо "лингвистическим измерением" этой дисциплины, социолингвисты обнаружили "историческое измерение", а историки языка - "социальное измерение". Их интерес к языку проявляется и как к источнику социальной истории, и как к историческому явлению самому по себе.
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