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Опубликовано на портале: 14-11-2006
J.P. Hamilton
Изд-во: O'Reilly Media, 2002, 308 с.
Visual Basic .NET is a language that facilitates object-oriented programming, but does not guarantee good code. That's where Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET comes in. It will show you how to think about similarities in your application logic and how to design and create objects that maximize the benefit and power of .NET. Packed with examples that will guide you through every step, Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET is for those with some programming experience.
ресурс содержит гиперссылку на сайт, на котором можно найти дополнительную информацию ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 29-09-2003
Издание представляет собой справочник для людей, желающих быть в курсе последних тенденций на рынке труда и намеренных заняться в ближайшие годы собственной карьерой. Хотя данные, представленные в нем, касаются только США, он содержит немало полезной практической информации для изучающих экономику труда. В нем представлены статистические данные, характеризующие ситуацию занятости в США за последние годы, подробную информацию о рабочей силе, о распределении занятых по профессиям и занятиям, об уровнях заработной платы, о наиболее перспективных направлениях образования и профессиях, пользующихся наибольшим спросом в настоящее время. Кроме того, даются прогнозы по всем перечисленным показателям на ближайшие годы.
ресурс содержит полный текст, либо отрывок из него ресурс содержит гиперссылку на сайт, на котором можно найти дополнительную информацию ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Odious Debt [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 11-01-2003
Michael Kremer, Seema Jayachandran
Some argue that sovereign debt incurred without the consent of the people and not for their benefit, such as that of apartheid South Africa, should be considered odious and not transferable to successor governments. We argue that an institution that truthfully announced whether regimes are odious could create an equilibrium in which successor governments suffer no reputational loss from failure to repay odious debt and hence creditors curtail odious lending. Equilibria with odious lending could be eliminated by amending creditor country laws to prevent seizure of assets for failure to repay odious debt and restricting foreign assistance to countries not repaying odious debt. Shutting down the borrowing capacity of illegitimate regimes can be viewed as a form of economic sanction and has two advantages over most sanctions: it helps rather than hurts the population, and it does not create incentives for evasion by third parties. However, an institution empowered to assess regimes might falsely term debt odious if it favored debtors, and if creditors anticipate this, they would not make loans to legitimate governments. An institution empowered only to declare future lending to a particular government odious would have greater incentives to judge truthfully. A similar approach could be used to reduce moral hazard associated with World Bank and IMF loans.

On Capitalism [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2009
Ред.: Victor Nee, Richard Swedberg
Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007, 368 с.
Capitalism dominates economies all over the world and is a key force in the process of globalization. What makes it such a uniquely dynamic social and economic force, however, is open to debate. The essays in this book take up this issue, offering theories on both what encourages and what blocks capitalism. In On Capitalism leading economists, sociologists, and political scientists develop ideas and insights into the dynamic of capitalism as a global economic order. Unlike studies that focus only on localized descriptions of what has made capitalism function in a specific place, these essays examine the general mechanisms that account for dynamic or rational capitalism. As each chapter shows, the mechanisms motivating and facilitating today's global capitalism are not rooted in the materialist domain of incremental capital accumulation, but in the realm of ideas and institutional structures. Taken as a whole, these essays offer a rich account of the interconnectedness of the economic, political, and religious institutions of modern capitalism.
ресурс содержит гиперссылку на сайт, на котором можно найти дополнительную информацию ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 25-10-2003
Drawing on philosophy and psychology, Schlicht seeks to reintroduce the notion of custom in economics. In the process, he provides a link between market processes, which are often analyzed, and customary elements, which have been neglected by economists or at best seen as routines that have been adopted because they were competitively successful.
ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 06-01-2004
James E. Foster, Amartya Sen
Oxford: Claredon Press, 1997
In this classic text, first published in 1973, Amartya Sen relates the theory of welfare economics to the study of economic inequality. He presents a systematic treatment of the conceptual framework as well as the practical problems of measurement of inequality. In his masterful analysis, Sen assesses various approaches to measuring inequality and delineates the causes and effects of economic disparities. Containing the four lectures from the original edition as well as a new introduction, this timeless study is essential reading for economists, philosophers, and social scientists.

In a new introduction, Amartya Sen, jointly with James Foster, critically surveys the literature that followed the publication of this book, and also evaluates the main analytical issues in the appraisal of economic inequality and poverty.
ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 22-10-2003
Institutionalist analysis is increasingly used as a key research tool for economists confronted with the shortcomings of mainstream economic analysis and the problems presented by the transformation of socio-economic systems in Eastern Europe. On Economic Institutions brings together leading economists working in a wide range of research traditions who examine theories of institutions and institutional change.
ресурс содержит полный текст, либо отрывок из него ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

On Exchange Rate [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 25-01-2003
Jeffrey A. Frankel
Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 1993
These seventeen essays provide an accessible and thorough reference for understanding the role of exchange rates in the international monetary system since 1973, when the rates were allowed to float. The essays analyze such issues as exchange rate movements, exchange risk premia, investor expectations of exchange rates and behavior of exchange rates in different systems. Frankel's sound empirical treatment of exchange rate questions shows that it is possible to produce work that is interesting from a purely intellectual viewpoint while contributing to practical knowledge of the real world of international economics and finance. The essays have been organized in a way that provides an introduction to the field of empirical international finance. Part I documents the steady reduction in barriers to international capital movement and leads logically to part II, which explains how exchange rates are determined. Both monetary and portfolio-based models are surveyed in part II, providing a clear transition to the topic of part III; the possible existence of an exchange risk premium. Part IV applies the tools discussed in earlier sections to explore various policy questions related to exchange rate expectations such as whether foreign exchange intervention matters and whether the European monetary system had become credible by 1991. Each part begins with a detailed introduction explaining not only the central issues of that section but also suggesting connections with other essays in the book.
ресурс содержит гиперссылку на сайт, на котором можно найти дополнительную информацию ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-04-2003
Gregory N. Mankiw
Изд-во: Worth Publishers, 2002
Интерактивный тест представляет собой набор вопросов и несколько вариантов ответов, из которых необходимо выбрать один правильный. Вопросы могут быть как теоретическими, так и практическими, требующими незначительных вычислений. По каждой теме учебника составлены отдельные задания. Для прохождения теста необходимо иметь знания на промежуточном (макроэкономика-2) уровне. Успешное выполнение большей части заданий не требует обязательного прочтения учебника Мэнкью, т.к. тест содержит общие для макроэкономической теории вопросы. Ответив на все вопросы, пользователь может посмотреть свой результат, верный ответ и ссылки на те разделы учебника, которые содержат пояснения к ответам.
ресурс содержит полный текст, либо отрывок из него ресурс содержит гиперссылку на сайт, на котором можно найти дополнительную информацию

Опубликовано на портале: 16-01-2003
Andrew S. Grove
New York: Currency-Doubleday, 1996
Based on the author's years in management roles at Intel, this book presents sound ideas on managing change. Grove suggests that close attention be paid to the time in organizational life when its fundamentals are about to change: a change that can mean great opportunity or a change that can signal the end. He calls these change periods "strategic inflection points", and notes that they call for full-scale change. Grove warns that unattended strategic inflection points can be deadly and that they can affect careers, as well as organizations. He goes on to demonstrate that in both cases, the greatest danger is in standing still: there needs to be commitment to a course accompanied by watchful concern to maintain a constant pace designed to not waste momentum and/or valuable resources.
ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 31-03-2005
Ernst-August Nuppenau
This contribution deals with opportunities to integrate ecological objectives into landscape modelling. We start with the behaviour of farmers. By depicting the behaviour of farmers with respect to land use we determine farm and field sizes, as been dependent on prices, natural conditions, and structural variables, such as farm technologies. Then we pursue the idea that a geometrical interpretation of land use can help us to define an interface between farming, landscape modelling, and ecological concerns. This interface goes along economic rationales for income of farmers and ecological rationales for a redesign of landscapes. Next, for integrating ecological oriented nature components into a landscape planning, as been based on economic incentives, a payment scheme has to be introduced. Such payment scheme becomes part of farmers’ objective functions in a non-linear model. Core decision variables are the longitudinal stretch of field sizes and the transversal stretch of farm sizes. Then, given various natural frames within an overarching subdivision of field parcels, farms and the landscape are optimised. The suggested approach can be sequentially solved taking into consideration natural conditions and behaviour. Furthermore, a central focus is on policy instruments: 1. We cater for impacts of price policies on landscape structure (farm size) and ecology (heterogeneity of fields). Note, in this context, that it is important to depict the growth of fields as being a consequence of imposed price pressure, modern technology application, and income aspirations. 2. The ecological impacts of this process, also from intensity of farming, are addressed and measured as a diversity index. 3. Policies can be selected that maintain farm income and correct for negative ecological effects of field size changes. For this reason we suggest a principal agent approach and offer objective functions.
ресурс содержит прикрепленный файл

Опубликовано на портале: 27-03-2004
Книга Р. Шартье посвящена анализу и критическому сопоставлению новых подходов в историографии и культурной истории, которые при всех их различиях вписываются в рамки прагматического поворота в социальных науках (М. Фуко, М. де Серто, Н. Элиас, Ф. Ариес и др.). Обсуждению книги Р. Шартье "On the Edge of the Cliff" посвящен специальный форум "Critical Pragmatism, Language, and Cultural History", опубликованный в журнале French Historical Studies, Vol. 21, № 2 (Spring 1998). Среди статей, опубликованных на форуме, ответ Р. Шартье "Writing the Practices".
ресурс содержит полный текст, либо отрывок из него ресурс содержит гиперссылку на сайт, на котором можно найти дополнительную информацию ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Konrad Hagedorn
This paper aims at explaining the role and importance of the evolution of institutions for sustainable agri-environments during the transition process by referring to agrienvironmental problems faced in Central and Eastern European countries. A central question therefore is whether the required institutional arrangements for achieving sustainability in the area of agri-environmental resource management can be built more easily in periods of transition as they fill institutional gaps, or whether processes of transition make institution building a more difficult and far more time consuming task than previously thought. Above all, we want to find out, how these two processes of institution building at different scales affect the sustainable management of resources such as water and biodiversity in agriculture. It will become clear that the agri-environmental problem areas faced during transition are complex and dynamic and require adequate institutions both by political design and from the grassroots, to be developed by the respective actors involved. Transition from centrally planned to pluralistic systems has to be considered as a particular and in some respect nontypical process of institutional change. Popular theories of institutional change do not necessarily apply. The privatisation experience from many CEE countries will serve as an example. Finally, we will emphasis the problem of missing or insufficient interaction between political actors or agencies and people in CEE countries. Substantial investments into social and human capital, particularly regarding informal institutions are needed for institutions of sustainability to evolve.
ресурс содержит прикрепленный файл

Опубликовано на портале: 26-04-2007
Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Robert Johnston, Alan Betts
London: Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2006, 560 с.
Written by best-selling authors in their field, Operations and Process Management inspires a critical and applied mastery of the core principles and processes fundamental to managing business operations. Approaching the subject from a truly managerial perspective, this brand new text provides clear and concise coverage, whilst the accompanying CD provides an opportunity to practice and further explore the concepts and techniques introduced
ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)

Опубликовано на портале: 26-04-2007
Jay Heizer, Barry Render
London: Pearson Education, 2005, 784 с.
Operations Management is a great introductory text to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Operations Management. This best-selling text provides students with a state-of-the-art overview of operations and is praised for its clear accessible writing style, extensive assortment of homework problems, and up-to-date coverage. This new edition includes integrated coverage of operations management by using a running case study on the global restaurant chain
ресурс содержит графическое изображение (иллюстрацию)