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Опубликовано на портале: 03-01-2004
Kent Olson
Iowa: Blackwell Publishing Company, 2003, 416 с.
Учебник является новейшим представлением управления сельскохозяйственным предприятием. Рассматриваются стратегические и операционные аспекты управления. Это незаменимый справочник для управленцев, работающих в сельском хозяйстве. Внимание уделено написанию бизнес-плана и инновационным, современным методам оценки решений. В отличие от других изданий по управлению, в учебник вместе с традиционным материалом по бюджетированию, маркетинговому, финансовому планированию, управлению персоналом, вошли такие разделы как стратегический менеджмент, планирование производственного процесса и отдельных операций, управление качеством и контроль, оценка производственных контактов, принятие решений за рамками традиционного микроэкономического анализа.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Christopher Stephen Barnard, John S. Nix
Cambridge, USA: Cambridge University Press, 1980, 612 с.
Учебник «Планирование и контроль на сельскохозяйственном предприятии» ставит целью обучить современным техникам организации и управления предприятием в сельском хозяйстве при увеличении размеров, углублении специализации и интенсификации производства. Книга состоит их четырёх основных частей – организация ресурсов, организация предприятий, комбинация предприятий, контроль над ресурсами и предприятиями. То есть, для оптимального использования ресурсов фермерам необходимо определить какие ресурсы использовать, как организовать их использование в размерах предприятия, и как объединить предприятия в единую аграрную систему. Более того, важное место отводится системе планирования и контроля за принятыми решениями.

Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2003
Steven M. Helfand
Durban, 2003
This paper explores the determinants of technical efficiency, and the relationship between farm size and efficiency, in the Center-West of Brazil. This is the region where agricultural production and total factor productivity have grown the fastest since 1970. It is also a region characterized by unusually large farms. Technical efficiency is studied with Data Envelopment Analysis and county level data disaggregated by farm size and type of land tenure. The efficiency measure is regressed on a set of explanatory variables which includes farm size, type of land tenure, composition of output, access to institutions, and indicators of technology and input usage. The relationship between farm size and efficiency is found to be non-linear, with productivity first falling and then rising with size. Access to institutions, credit, and modern inputs are found to be important determinants of the differences in efficiency across farms. Improved access could strengthen the efficiency advantage of small and medium farms.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Cornelis Gardebroek
Organic dairy farming in the Netherlands is a growing sector. This paper investigates the impact of a number of economic and farm-specific variables on the choice between conventional and organic farming. Based on expected utility maximisation, a theoretical framework is developed that explicitly accounts for the impact of non-economics variables like age and education level and unobserved characteristics. The model is estimated with an unbalanced panel of Dutch dairy farms using a random effects probit specification.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-03-2005
Agata Nicolosi, Marco Platania
In recent times the role played by women in rural development has been given an ever increasing attention, culminating in the insertion of specific measures in Agenda 2000. The EU programs for rural development aim to single out the factors handicapping the full participation of women to the public and economic life at the local level and to develop specific initiatives for this category. Aim of the present research was the evaluation of the effectiveness of the new EU policy guidelines in terms of occupation and/or additional income achieved by women in agriculture. The study analysed the main characteristics of the farm women in a local rural system in Calabria. As any rural system, the one that was considered is the result of the interlace between various governmental intervention (EU and national policies) and the physical, social and economic characteristics of a particular territory. The analysis regarded social characteristic, characteristics of the farm, organisation and management. In relation to the specific agricultural activities, they were analysed the main sociological factors affecting the motivations and the attitudes of the local farm women, the difficulties in conciliating job and family and the potential unexpressed and the ambitions unfulfilled and/or discouraged.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-10-2003
Christopher Meyer
USA: Free Press, 1993
Today, tens of thousands of companies are struggling to become "time-based" competitors, inspired by such corporations as Motorola, General Electric, Citicorp, and a myriad of others who have cut production time in half—or more. But until now, the literature has focused on the theory and philosophy of fast cycle time, rather than the tools and techniques for implementing it. Here, for the first time, Christopher Meyer, an internationally recognized expert in cycle time reduction, presents a step-by-step blueprint for transforming traditional companies into fast cycle competitors. Meyer argues that fast cycle time is achieved not by working faster, but by aligning the organization's purpose, strategy and structure. He demonstrates how the product development cycle must become a learning laboratory in which the four continuous elements "Design, Fabricate, Assemble, and Test" are analyzed with the intent to improve strategy in the next business cycle. Analyzing strategy and core processes enables management to detect and correct problems earlier, and leverage knowledge for improved innovation and increased value for customers. Employing an ongoing case study, Core Products, Inc., throughout the text, Meyer shows how to redesign the organization for manufacturability and assembly, how to implement multifunctional teams that work, how to analyze and map critical cycle time interdependencies such as "co-location," and how to measure the impact of cycle time on business performance. Meyer's practical approach provides a simple methodology for organizations to deliver products to customers rapidly, accurately, and reliably.
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Fear of Floating [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 13-08-2007
Guillermo A. Calvo, Carmen M. Reinhart
In recent years, many countries have suffered severe financial crises, producing a staggering toll on their economies, particularly in emerging markets. One view blames fixed exchange rates-- soft pegs'--for these meltdowns. Adherents to that view advise countries to allow their currency to float. Authors analyze the behavior of exchange rates, reserves, the monetary aggregates, interest rates, and commodity prices across 154 exchange rate arrangements to assess whether official labels' provide an adequate representation of actual country practice. Authors find that, countries that say they allow their exchange rate to float mostly do not--there seems to be an epidemic case of fear of floating.' Since countries that are classified as having a free or a managed float mostly resemble noncredible pegs--the so-called demise of fixed exchange rates' is a myth--the fear of floating is pervasive, even among some of the developed countries. Paper presents an analytical framework that helps to understand why there is fear of floating.

Опубликовано на портале: 27-05-2004
"Страхи в посткоммунистическом обществе" - это первый кросс-национальный и сравнительный анализ того, как формируются страхи, как они начинают доминировать в политической, социальной и экономической жизни посткоммунистических стран. Каждая глава анализирует не только сами страхи, связанные с экономическими проблемами, опасениями катастроф, беспокойством по поводу внутренних и внешних врагов, но и их связи с политической, социальной и экономической жизнью общества.
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Опубликовано на портале: 06-11-2007
Giovanni Federico
Изд-во: Princeton University Press, 2005, cерия "Princeton Economic History of the Western World", 416 с.
In the last two centuries, agriculture has been an outstanding, if somewhat neglected, success story. It has fed an ever-growing population with an increasing variety of products at falling prices, even as it has released a growing number of workers to the rest of the economy. This book, a comprehensive history of world agriculture during this period, explains how these feats were accomplished. Feeding the World synthesizes two hundred years of agricultural development throughout the world, providing all essential data and extensive references to the literature. It covers, systematically, all the factors that have affected agricultural performance: environment, accumulation of inputs, technical progress, institutional change, commercialization, agricultural policies, and more. The last chapter discusses the contribution of agriculture to modern economic growth. The book is global in its reach and analysis, and represents a grand synthesis of an enormous topic.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-06-2004
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Stanford: The Dryden Press, 2001
Мы живем в экономике, где всякая работа становится работой знания, а интеллектуальный капитал важен для успеха компании и ее цены на рынках капитала. Поэтому есть предположение, что компания с лучшими талантами выигрывает. В этой войне за образ таланта проглядели тот факт, что зачастую успешные команды добиваются большего, чем собрания более талантливых индивидов, что талант индивида и его мотивация частично контролируются тем, что делает фирма, и что для организационного процесса на самом деле важно иметь набор практических приемов менеджмента, которые создают эту культуру. Дело не в том, что война за талант является ложной метафорой для успеха организации. Борьба за талант сама по себе может вызывать проблемы. Компании, настроившие себя на войну за таланты, часто раскручивают культовых аутсайдеров и не дают дороги талантам, уже имеющимся в компании; они устанавливают соревновательную динамику с нулевой суммой, которая затрудняет обучение и передачу знаний внутри компании, и создают отношения высокомерия вместо отношений разумности. Из-за всего этого даже само участие в войне за талант может быть опасным для здоровья организации и мешать делать то, что принесет ей успех.
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Finance [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Zvi Bodie, Robert C. Merton
Saddle River: Prentice-Hall, 1999, 479 с.
Базовый учебник по финансам. Может быть использован для курса «Финансы в АПК». Рассматриваются три основные части в корпоративных финансах – оптимизация активов с течением времени, оценка активов, и управление риском. Главы учебника – финансы и финансовая система, время и распределение ресурсов, оценка активов, управление риском и теория портфельной оптимизации, ценообразование на вторичном рынке (фьючерсы, опционы), финансовый менеджмент.

Опубликовано на портале: 13-03-2007
Richard Deeg
Изд-во: University of Michigan Press, 1999, 328 с.
If we are moving toward one global financial market, will all national financial systems that determine how businesses raise money look the same? Richard Deeg argues that, despite financial market integration and considerable harmonization in the regulation of financial markets, the traditional structure and economic functions of national financial systems are not inevitably undermined. Using the case of Germany--a country with a strong and distinctive financial sector that is at the center of the pressures of economic integration--the author shows how the unique aspects of the German financial sector and its relationship to the German economy have persisted notwithstanding powerful pressures to change. Posing the German model of coordinated capitalism in which banks play an important role in shaping both firm behavior and the possibilities for state intervention in the economy against the liberal model of the United States and Britain in which the securities markets play a much greater role than banks, Deeg shows how the German model has survived competitive pressures in the international economic system that have pushed Germany--and other countries--toward the liberal model. This book will appeal to political scientists and economists interested in international financial markets, globalization, and the comparative study of domestic financial markets, as well as in German politics and the German economy. Richard Deeg is Assistant Professor of Political Science, Temple University.
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Financial Calculus [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 18-01-2003
Martin W. Baxter, Andrew J.O. Rennie
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001
The rewards and dangers of speculating in the modern financial markets have come to the fore in recent times with the collapse of banks and bankruptcies of public corporations as a direct result of ill-judged investment. At the same time, individuals are paid huge sums to use their mathematical skills to make well-judged investment decisions. Here now is the first rigorous and accessible account of the mathematics behind the pricing, construction and hedging of derivative securities. Key concepts such as martingales, change of measure, and the Heath-Jarrow-Morton model are described with mathematical precision in a style tailored for market practitioners. Starting from discrete-time hedging on binary trees, continuous-time stock models (including Black-Scholes) are developed. Practicalities are stressed, including examples from stock, currency and interest rate markets, all accompanied by graphical illustrations with realistic data. A full glossary of probabilistic and financial terms is provided. This unique, modern and up-to-date book will be an essential purchase for market practitioners, quantitative analysts, and derivatives traders, whether existing or trainees, in investment banks in the major financial centres throughout the world.
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Financial crises [книги]
Опубликовано на портале: 02-12-2008
Ред.: Franklin Allen, Douglas Gale
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2008, cерия "The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series", 579 с.
This important volume presents key contributions to the study of financial crises from many different areas of economics. The book offers an economic history of financial crises, empirical studies of crises in the modern era and classic works on the theory of banking crises. It also covers specialized topics, with sections on currency crises and financial contagion. Undergraduate students of money, banking, macroeconomics and financial crises alike will find this collection to be an invaluable overview of a critical area of study.
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Опубликовано на портале: 15-07-2004
Financial econometrics is a great success story in economics. Econometrics uses data and statistical inference methods, together with structural and descriptive modeling, to address rigorous economic problems. Its development within the world of finance is quite recent and has been paralleled by a fast expansion of financial markets and an increasing variety and complexity of financial products. This has fueled the demand for people with advanced econometrics skills.
For professionals and advanced graduate students pursuing greater expertise in econometric modeling, this is a superb guide to the field's frontier. With the goal of providing information that is absolutely up-to-date--essential in today's rapidly evolving financial environment--Gourieroux and Jasiak focus on methods related to foregoing research and those modeling techniques that seem relevant to future advances. They present a balanced synthesis of financial theory and statistical methodology. Recognizing that any model is necessarily a simplified image of reality and that econometric methods must be adapted and applied on a case-by-case basis, the authors employ a wide variety of data sampled at frequencies ranging from intraday to monthly. These data comprise time series representing both the European and North American markets for stocks, bonds, and foreign currencies. Practitioners are encouraged to keep a critical eye and are armed with graphical diagnostics to eradicate misspecification errors.
This authoritative, state-of-the-art reference text is ideal for upper-level graduate students, researchers, and professionals seeking to update their skills and gain greater facility in using econometric models. All will benefit from the emphasis on practical aspects of financial modeling and statistical inference. Doctoral candidates will appreciate the inclusion of detailed mathematical derivations of the deeper results as well as the more advanced problems concerning high-frequency data and risk control. By establishing a link between practical questions and the answers provided by financial and statistical theory, the book also addresses the needs of applied researchers employed by financial institutions.
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