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Опубликовано на портале: 22-09-2004
Robert E. Hall, Marc Lieberman
Mason, OH: Souht-Western Thomson Learning, 2002
Departing from the encyclopedic nature of most Principles texts, which encourages students to simply memorize concepts and see economics as a collection of unrelated terms, formulas, graphs, and theories, this text provides students with a picture of economics as a unified discipline; a set of interrelated tools and ideas that can be used to look at the world in a different way. This book's concise, less is more approach has been carefully crafted in terms of both content and supporting pedagogy to keep students focused on learning and applying the central ideas used in economic analysis. It uniquely employs a simple methodology throughout to emulate how economists look at problems, and teaches students how to use this same analytical process in developing their own economic analysis skills. Hall/Lieberman's careful focus on core theoretical ideas as well as systematically applying the theoretical tools to interesting real-world questions conveys the message that economics is an integrated, powerful body of knowledge that can be used to address important issues.
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Опубликовано на портале: 05-12-2003
В 1983 году американский экономист французского происхождения Жерар Дебре получил премию памяти Альфреда Нобеля по экономике за внедрение новых аналитических методов в экономическую теорию и переформулировку теории общего равновесия. Данная публикация представляет собой его нобелевскую лекцию. В ней автор поднимает вопрос об эффективности использования математических методов для решения разного родя экономических проблем. Лекция написана простым английским языком. Она находится в открытом доступе на официальном сайте.
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Опубликовано на портале: 03-01-2004
Milton Hallberg
Iowa: Blackwell Publishing Company, 2000, 190 с.
Автор раскрывает основные особенности и специфику развития сельского хозяйства США после Второй мировой войны. Исследование показывает изменения в размере и количестве ферм, в доходах фермеров и их семей, полученных ценах, колебаниях цен на продукцию фермеров и их причинах.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Edwin G. West
USA: Liberty Fund, 1994, "3rd ed.", 364 с.
Originally published in 1965, the questions raised in this book concerning state-run education have grown immeasurably in urgency and intensity.

The book re-examines the role of government in education, and challenges the fundamental statist assumption that the state is best able to provide an education for the general population. The author explores the views on education on the 19th-century British reformers and classical economists, who argued the necessity of state education. West demonstrates that by the Foster Act of 1870 the state system of education was superimposed over successful private efforts, thereby suppressing an emerging and increasingly robust structure of private, voluntary and competitive education funded by families, churches and philanthropies. This new and expanded edition addresses the American situation in education, applying the lessons learned from the study of British institutions. It also broadens their application from education to the conduct of democracy as a political system.

Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2006
Catherine Ross, John Mirowsky
USA: Aldine Transaction, 2003
In examining why it is that people with higher socioeconomic status have better health than lower-status individuals, Mirowsky and Ross utilizes their strength in survey research on a broad national scale. Drawing on findings and ideas from many sciences, including demography, economics, social psychology, and the health sciences, they argue that education creates most of the association between higher social status and better health. People who are well educated feel in control of their lives, which encourages a healthy lifestyle. In addition, learned effectiveness, a practical end of that education, enables them to find work that is autonomous and creative, thereby promoting good health. The benefits of education to health are pervasive, cumulative, and self-amplifying, growing across the life course. In this book, the authors challenge received notions in medical sociology and public health, while extending the effects of social stratification.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2003
Bahaeddin Najafi, Mohammad Bakhshoodeh
To evaluate the government intervention effects on growth of rice production in Iran, the nominal protective rate was calculated and a Nerlove supply model was applied to a time series of 1983- 1998. The results showed that in the majority of these years, producers has not been supported and therefore, redirecting the rice market is recommended. In order to get more efficient approach than the government intervention, diminishing the share of the government in the market and strengthening the private sector may be listed on the top of a list that could be regarded as a plan for making rice production profitable.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2003
Laszlo Karpati, Zsolt Csapo, Laszlo Kozar
The change of the political Hungarian regime in 1990 affected deeply the economy of the country. This change made effects in each national branch, thus in the agriculture, as well. A lot of new companies dealing with agricultural production and trading has also been established in these years. Since the early ‘90s a lot of EU support programmes were available targeting these enterprises and providing them to strengthen their competitiveness. One of these programmes was the PHARE IPP Project for the subsidisation of the agricultural investments (between 1996-1998). The University of Debrecen was involved in the implementation, monitoring and assessment process of this project. Based on the results and suggestions of the university, new supporting elements have been built into the subsidisation programme of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the recent years, further enhancing the position of Hungarian farms before joining to the EU.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
John Helming, Jack Peerlings
Durban, 2003
A modelling system is presented and used to analyse the effects of EU dairy policy reform (Agenda 2000 and milk quota abolition with and without decoupled direct income payments) on Dutch agriculture and economy. The modelling system consists of a regionalised, agri-environmental, partial equilibrium, mathematical programming model of agriculture supply in the Netherlands integrated into a mixed input- output model. It was e.g. found that decoupling of direct income payments gives an extra stimulus to milk production after milk quota abolition. However, the increase in milk production is restricted by nutrient and manure policies in the Netherlands. It is also found that, although the total effect on Dutch GDP is limited, the income effects for individual industries can be large. Moreover, economy wide effects for non- agricultural industries exceed changes for agriculture.
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Опубликовано на портале: 04-01-2004
Rafaela Dios Palomares, Jose Miguel Martinez Paz
Zaragoza, 2002
This study investigated the efficiency and productivity change of a sample of food distribution units (MERCAs) in Spain over the 1.997-1.999 period, applying non-parametric frontier methodology in a sales efficiency framework. We specified a mean sales model composed of two blocks of variables, the production block, and the marketing management block. Then we applied output oriented DEA methodology to perform the efficiency analysis, also taking into account the overall efficiency decomposition into pure and scale efficiency. The Malmquist index was calculated in order to analyse the components of the productivity change.

The mean pure sales efficiency index was high, around 0.8, the mean scale index being 0,9. As appears from the results, six food distribution units were efficient, but some of the wholesale markets need to adapt their sales technology in order that their input bundle reaches a Most Productive Scale Size unit.

We found no evidence of technical change during the period considered, but concluded that a notable scale efficiency change took place during the studied period.

To summarise, we conclude that improvement in sales efficiency could be reached in the studied sector in both the pure and the scale efficiency.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Cristina Brasili
In the course of the past decades major transformations in the Italian food industry induced considerable structural changes: on one hand, the creation of large industrial groups, with substantial input of foreign capital and, on the other, the concentration and geographic specialisation of numerous small and medium enterprises, with the formation of specific and typical agri-food local system(districts).To take account of the presence of food districts the analysis of the Italian food industry could not be conducted at national and regional level but it has to be studied at province and local level. It is also useful to analyse the food industry with reference to the different sub-sectors.

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of the local systems(districts) of two sectors meat and fruit and vegetables processing. We will use balance-sheet data of the processing firms that were active in the meat (446 firms) and fruit and vegetables (227 firms) sub-sector in the years from 1996 to 1999. The analysis will consider the most significant balance sheet ratios, such as returns, productivity and labour cost in these local systems. Then, we will consider the economic assessment of the firms belonging to local systems of the two sectors and compare with the non district firms .For the efficiency analysis will estimate a stochastic frontier production function in order to determine the ‘district effect’. This analysis will also be directly correlated with investment in technological innovation. The economic and efficiency analysis confirms for many aspects the presence of a ‘district effect’ in the Italian food industry.
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Опубликовано на портале: 12-05-2003
David Denver
Изд-во: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003
Пересмотренное и расширенной издание книги этого же автора "Выборы и электоральное поведение в Великобритании". Обеспечивает всесторонний охват всех аспектов современной избирательной политики, а также ее развития и эволюции в послевоенный период. Добавлены две новые главы, целиком посвященные избирательной реформе и основным теоретическим подходам к изучению выборов и голосования.
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Опубликовано на портале: 26-05-2004
В книге "Выборы и электоральное поведение: новые вызовы, новые перспективы" собраны 23 классические статьи, написанные известными авторами в последней четверти 20-го века. Статьи представляют четыре различных исследовательских подхода, которые возникли после Второй мировой войны: Колумбийская модель, Мичиганская модель, модель политической переориентации и модель нового институционализма. Разделы книги освещают такие вопросы, как партийная идентификация избирателей; мягкие размежевания, современная политика и ценностные изменения; экономическое голосование: институциональный контекст избирательных систем; политические кампании в СМИ; политическое участие; политическое представительство; выборы и демократизация. Во многих из этих статей сравниваются системы в различных странах, в других анализируется отдельная страна.
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Опубликовано на портале: 13-05-2003
Richard Rose, Neil Munro
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003
В книге "Выборы без порядка: российский вызов Владимиру Путину" Р.Роуз и Н.Манро описывают попытку России достичь демократизации, проводя выборы и не имея современного демократического государства. Авторы используют ясные цифры и таблицы, собранные Роузом при проведении опросов по Новому русскому барометру, охватывающему посткоммунистические страны, а также, используя нисходящую и восходящую стратегии анализа, определяют и показывают основные препятствия, стоящие на пути построения демократического гражданского общества в России. Ричард Роуз директор Центра исследований публичной политики в университете в Стратклайде. Нейл Манро исследователь Центра исследований публичной политики в университете в Стратклайде
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Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2003
Efraim Turban, David King, Michael Chung
Изд-во: Prentice-Hall, 2002
As the Internet continues to impact the way we live, the business world is significantly changing too. Learn more about the major opportunities, limitations, and issues of managing business on the Web today. Reflecting and integrating the authors' extensive experience as academicians, consultants, and practitioners, this is a complete overview and sourcebook of global E-commerce.

Книга представляет собой полный обзор глобальной электронной коммерции и дает возможность больше узнать об основных возможностях, ограничениях и проблемах управления бизнесом в сети.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-03-2004
Ред.: Monica Raisa Schpun
Paris, 2002, вып.№47/48, 316 с.
В тематическом номере журнала "Бразильские тетради" под редакцией Моники Раисы Шпун рассматриваются различные подходы к исследованию бразильских элит. Представлены статьи социологов, антропологов и историков.
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