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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Istvan Feher, Zsolt Papp
Based on the Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) approach this paper provides an assessment of the competitive position of the Hungarian agro-food industry in view of EU integration. The situation in the food processing sector is assessed with the use of actual cost data from representative Hungarian companies. The paper presents an assessment of the current situation prior to EU integration as well as a future outlook under various scenarios with regard to the expected policy environment and the rate of technological change. The actual measurement of competitiveness in this study focuses mainly on Private Resource Cost (PRC) which indicates competitiveness under real market conditions and Domestic Resource Cost (DRC) which gives an assessment on the social or economic efficiency of an activity, i.e. whether domestic resources are really used efficiently in current production. In the food processing sector 21 different food products have been investigated which fall into four industries: meat, poultry, dairy, and fruits and vegetables. Under current conditions only some products are competitive in private terms. The situation would improve after EU integration especially for poultry, fruits and vegetables, because agricultural policy conditions are more favourable under the CAP. If additional FDI(Foreign Direct Investments) would flow into the country after EU membership, this would boost profitability. As far as DRC values are concerned, it must be stated that only some of the production activities are clearly efficient. Dairy, fruits and vegetables, and roast goose production show relatively weak social competitiveness, while other poultry and fruit and vegetables products are more favourable from the economic point of view. As EU policies provide on average higher protection levels, the competitiveness of Hungarian food processing on world markets would deteriorate for most products after EU accession. However, these effects can be offset by additional technological change due to FDI inflows or otherwise induced technological progress.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2006
Alan Carling
Изд-во: Routledge, 2002, 336 с.
While the family and its role continues to be a key topic in social and government policy, much of the literature is concerned with describing the dramatic changes that are taking place. By contrast, this text directly addresses the social processes responsible for these changes - how social policy interacts with what families actually do. Topics covered include: the relationship between morality and rationality in the family context; the variety of contemporary family forms; the purposes and assumptions of government interventions in family life; the relationship between different welfare states and different ideas about motherhood; third way thinking on families; divorce and post-divorce arrangements; lone parenthood and step-parenting; the decision to have children; the economic approach to understanding family process; and the legitimacy of state intervention in family life. With contributions from the UK, and North America, "Analysing Families" provides the framework within which to understand an increasingly important element in social policy.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2003
Giovanni Gulisano, Marco Platania
The strategies for exploiting typical production represents a theme of great interest, above all in the measure in which exploitation brought about via adequate marketing strategies allows these products to shed their anonymity. This paper constitutes a contribution in this direction, since it analyses the potential of a traditional product ('Nduja) using multivariate analysis techniques on a sample of consumers, identified by a specific market research survey. This made it possible to define the main characteristics of the type of consumer of this product and to define suitable market segmentation strategies.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-07-2004
Fundamental topics and new methods in time series analysis. Analysis of Financial Time Series provides a comprehensive and systematic introduction to financial econometric models and their application to modeling and prediction of financial time series data. It utilizes real-world examples and real financial data throughout the book to apply the models and methods described. The author begins with basic characteristics of financial time series data before covering three main topics: analysis and application of univariate financial time series; the return series of multiple assets; and Bayesian inference in finance methods. Timely topics and recent results include: Value at Risk (VaR); High-frequency financial data analysis; Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods; Derivative pricing using jump diffusion with closed-form formulas; VaR calculation using extreme value theory based on a non-homogeneous two-dimensional Poisson process; Multivariate volatility models with time-varying correlations; Ideal as a fundamental introduction to time series for MBA students or as a reference for researchers and practitioners in business and finance, Analysis of Financial Time Series offers an in-depth and up-to-date account of these vital methods.
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Опубликовано на портале: 23-07-2004
Panel data models have become increasingly popular among applied researchers due to their heightened capacity for capturing the complexity of human behavior, as compared to cross-sectional or time series data models. This second edition represents a substantial revision of the highly successful first edition (1986). Recent advances in panel data research are presented in an accessible manner and are carefully integrated with the older material. The thorough discussion of theory and the judicious use of empirical examples make this book useful to graduate students and advanced researchers in economics, business, sociology and political science.

"Cheng Hsiao has made many significant and important contributions to panel data econometrics, both methodological and applied, beginning with his 1972 dissertation, in numerous articles, and in his masterful and magisterial 1986 monograph, long a standard reference and popular graduate text. (cont.)

Not only has Hsiao significantly revised the material covered in his original monograph, he has added major new chapters on nonlinear panel models of discrete choice and sampl selection, and included new material on the Bayesian treatment of models with fixed and random coefficients, pseudopanels, simulation methods of estimation, and more extensive treatment of dynamic models. Throughout, Hsiao provides applied examples, which greatly enhance the reader's understanding and intuition. The clarity of his exposition and organization is exemplary. All of us who work in the field of panel data econometrics have been, and will now more than ever continue to be in Hsiao's debt." Marc Nerlove, University of Maryland

"The literature on panel data modeling has seen unprecendented growth over the past decade and Cheng Hsiao, himself one of the leading contributors to this literature, is to be congratulated for providing us with a comprehensive and timely update of his classic text. This version not only presents a substantial revision of the 1986 edition, but also offers major additions covering non-linear panel data models dealing with useful overviews of unit root and cointegration in dynamic heterogeneous panels. It should prove invaluable to students and teachers of advanced undergraduate and graduate economic courses." Hashem Perasan, Trinity College, Cambridge

"The first edition of Analysis of Panel Data by Cheng Hsiao has been necessary reading and a landmark for 15 years. The revised and much expanded second edition splendidly integrates the important new developments in the field. One can be sure it will stay a landmark for 15 years to come." Jacques Mairesse, ENSAE, France

"Cheng Hsiao has done a great service to the profession by expanding his highly successful first edition to include the important results that have been obtained by him and other researchers since the publication of the first edition. Escpecially noteworthy in this edition is the application of panel data analysis to qualitative response and sample selection models. Cheng has admirably succeeded in presenting the mathematical results both rigorously and lucidly. Many theoretical results are illustrated by interesting empirical examples. This edition should prove to be an extremely useful reference for the experts in the field as well as graduate students." Takeshi Amemiya, Stanford University
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-11-2003
Regina Birner
Participatory approaches in natural resource management are increasingly being criticized for their tendency to neglect power relations and conflicts of interests. Negotiation approaches have been proposed as a strategy to overcome such shortcomings. The increasing practical relevance of negotiation in natural resource management requires the development of theoretical concepts for analyzing the nature and outcome of such negotiation processes. Using the case of negotiations concerning crop-livestock conflicts in Sri Lanka as an empirical example, this paper applies the concept of political capital in combination with game theoretical modeling for an analysis of negotiation processes in natural resource management. An extended form game is used to examine the incentive structure of the resource users and the political decision-makers involved in the negotiation process. The pay-off of the resource users is measured in economic terms, while the pay-off of the political decision-makers is expressed in terms of political capital. The modeling exercise shows how the incentives of the resource users and the politicians depend on the probability that the public administration enforces a negotiated outcome. The paper discusses potential extensions of the model and concludes that the concept of political capital, in combination with game theoretical modeling, provides a useful tool for the analysis of negotiation approaches in natural resource management.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
A. Kenneth Shepsle, Mark S. Bonchek
USA: W.W. Norton, 1997, 472 с.
Двое ученых из Гарварда в своей работе обращают внимание читателей на вопросы, связанные с рациональностью, моделями поведения индивидов и групп. Эти вопросы рассматриваются в контексте анализа систем голосования, коллективных действий в политике, бюрократии. Все рассматриваемые в книге проблемы авторы иллюстрируют с помощью примеров (case studies).
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-03-2005
Sevtap Guler Gumus, Emin Isikli
This paper is aiming at an analysis of Rural Development Programs (RDP) in Turkey with special reference to EU Rural Development Policies, Programs and implementations. Concerning to Turkish Programs, it has been reported that over the last 30 years and more particularly during the planned Development Period, special efforts have been made to gain Rural development experience in Turkey. In each five year Development Planning period (DPP), particular goals and instruments of policy for both agricultural development and that of rural areas have been specified and determined. Integrated Rural development Projects and some other typical Rural Development Projects have also been implemented in line with the targets given in each planning period.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Roel Jongeneel
This paper analyses the impact of the dairy quota scheme on the size distribution of the Dutch dairy industry. A non-stationary Markov model approach is used, where the transition probabilities are explained by a set of exogenous (policy) variables. Using an information theoretical approach, a model is estimated for The Netherlands and used to simulate the impacts of alternative EU dairy policies. Several results emerged:
a) There is an autonomous over time decline in farm numbers (implying increase in farm size).
b) The dairy quota regime positively influences 'small' and 'medium' farm sizes;
c) Abolition of the dairy quota will negatively affect the total number of active farms and favours further increase of farm scale.
d) Targeting support according to needs increases the number of active dairy farms as compared with the status quo.
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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2003
Eva Iglesias
This paper proposes an Economic Drought Management Index (EDMI) that could assist water managers to inter-temporally manage water reservoirs. The index’s main appeal is that it can be easily interpreted and that encompasses in a single number hydrological processes, structural constraints, water institutions’ rules and the economic benefits of the customers served from the supply system. An empirical application of EDMIs is performed for two irrigation districts in Andalusia (Southern Spain), that are managed under different institutional arrangements. Results for one district show that the region’s vulnerability to drought could be reduced following the interpretation of the EDMIs. For the other district, the index shows that water stocks are managed under nearly optimal criteria. This last result shows that there is an efficient level of drought vulnerability, and that increasing supply security levels would result in welfare losses.
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Опубликовано на портале: 03-01-2004
Quirino Paris
USA: Blackwell Publishing Company, 1991, 352 с.
Introduces linear programming based on economic concepts to advanced students of economics and agricultural economics with limited knowledge of linear algebra and calculus.

Учебник по линейному программированию и прикладных моделях в экономике и аграрной экономике для студентов старших курсов.
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Опубликовано на портале: 29-11-2003
Chittur S. Srinivasan, Bhavani Shankar, Garth Holloway
Under the TRIPs Agreement, all member-countries of the World Trade Organization are required to provide an "effective" system of plant variety protection within a specific time frame. In many developing countries this has led to a divisive debate about the fundamental desirability of extending intellectual property rights to agriculture. But empirical studies on the economic impacts of PVP, especially its ability to generate large private sector investments in plant breeding and facilitate the transfer of technology, have been very limited.

This paper examines two aspects of the international experience of PVP legislation thus far (i) The relationship between legislation, R&D expenditures and PVP grants, i.e., the innovation effect, and (ii) The role of PVP in facilitating the flow of varieties across countries, i.e., the transferability effect.
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Опубликовано на портале: 30-01-2003
Brian Snowdon, Howard R. Vane
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2003
The Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics is an authoritative and invaluable reference source on macroeconomics, which embraces definitions of terms and concepts, conflicting ideological approaches and the contributions of major thinkers. Comprehensive in scope, it contains over 300 short entries and more than 100 specially commissioned main entries from an internationally renowned group of scholars.
The alphabetically ordered entries will be useful both as a basic reference source and a provocative stimulus for further reading. The Encyclopedia will soon be established as a leading reference source on macroeconomics that will both enlighten students and be highly valued by scholars and teachers of economics.
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Опубликовано на портале: 22-10-2003
An Entrepreneurial Theory of the Firm makes a thorough and comprehensive enquiry into the nature of the of the relationship that exists between firms and markets, with separate, in-depth explorations of the issues of both the existence and inner organisations of the firm. Sautet develops a model that explains the emergence of the firm in the market process as the result of entrepreneurial activity in the context of genuine uncertainty.
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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Leigh J. Maynard, Jason Hartell, A. Lee Meyer, Jianqiang Hao
Durban, 2003
An experimental store was created to evaluate initial demand for locally-produced and guaranteed tender steak products as a more realistic alternative to contingent valuation (CV) and dichotomous-choice experimental methods. Strengths of the approach are incentive compatibility, a realistic consumption set, and a familiar choice environment. Consumers selected among USDA Choice, premium quality, lean, guaranteed tender, and locally-produced strip steaks. Double-hurdle count data model indicated initial willingness-topay for locally-produced steak comparable to prior CV results, but demand was highly elastic. Demand for premium quality steak crowded out demand for the guaranteed tender product, contrasting with prior dichotomous-choice experimental results.
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