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Информации много (даже слишком много). Как найти действительно стоящие ресурсы? В разделе собрана информация о наиболее интересных и полезных российских и зарубежных интернет-ресурсах. (подробнее...)
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This site offers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the latest thinking in supply chain design. Industry experts in all different areas of expertise analysts, academics, and executives provide a comprehensive examination of supply chain theory

RedPrairie™ Knowledge Center [интернет ресурс]
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Receiving maximum value from Execution-based Supply Chain Management solutions is more about information than software or technology. Therefore, RedPrairie's Knowledge Center provides insights on key supply chain management issues from a wide variety of sources, including industry experts, analysts, trade publications, customers and RedPrairie's domain experts.

Сайт журнала Inbound Logistics [интернет ресурс]
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Сайт журнала Logistics Management [интернет ресурс]
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Logistics Management from Reed Business Information is a monthly magazine for supply-chain professionals. Logistics Online is a Web-based extension of the magazine that includes additional resources and links to other news sources. We offer

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Modern Materials Handling magazine is written for managers and engineers who recommend, select or buy materials handling solutions for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. The magazine covers: system planning, equipment selection, and operation management for movement, storage, control and protection of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Сайт журнала RFID Journal [интернет ресурс]
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RFID Journal is an independent, online daily devoted to one thing: educating business people about radio frequency identification and its many business applications. The Journal was launched on March 1, 2002, in the belief that RFID is an important technology that is ready for widespread adoption.

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The International Journal of Logistics Management provides a global forum for the exchange of new ideas and practices in the dynamic field of logistics management and the emerging area of supply chain management. Edited

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Se-Com Project - an intelligence briefing on secure electronic commerce . The Project consists of a number of inter-related components: a published, hard copy Se-Com book, that has been distributed to executives at Fortune 5,000 companies; the interactive version of the Project here at Se-Com.com; and an industry-specific search engine at eBusiness Central.

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An international professional organization dedicated to the advancement and education of people involved in the management of warehouses and distribution facilities. WERC members are distribution and warehousing professionals who lead, direct and manage the efficient flow of information, materials and finished goods throughout the supply chain.

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Manufacturing.Net provides information and services for manufacturing professionals, including a comprehensive product supplier database (Manufacturing Yellow Pages); industry-specific news and research; economic reports; editorial content from well-know trade publications; marketplaces for books, industry standards; and much more.