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Social death phenomenon

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Опубликовано на портале: 01-06-2005
The author draws attention to the fact that besides much debated issues of social 'marginalization' or 'exclusion', also a phenomenon of 'social death' has to find its placed in sociological concepts and theories. The origins of the notion in sociology are followed back, i.a., to works of G. Tarde and J. Moreno. The author describes social death as process and result of self- withdrawal and/or exclusion of a social subject from societal life. This fact is largely determined by one's own culture and by the state of the social cultural continuum. Basic indices of social death are analyzed - loss of freedom, personal dependency, loss of social identity, rejection of norms, values and ideals by the individual concerned, etc. The phenomenon is shown to develop at various levels of societal life — from micro- to mega-level, and to appear in its various facets - as economic, civic, political, spiritual deaths.
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