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East-West: social change and dynamics of geopolitical situation

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Опубликовано на портале: 10-02-2006
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"East-West: social change and dynamics of geopolitical situation" (by Rydolf Yanovskiy) analyses a global interaction of two trends social change in the countries of the West and the East, on the one hand, and the dynamics of geopolitical situation along the East-West line, on the other The analysis if based on a number of international and Russian sociological surveys It is concluded that a transition is taking place from violent to intellectual and peace-making means of conflict resolution An example of this approach was Russia's initiative hundred years ago in August 1898 to arrange in 1899 the First Peace conference in the Hague Traditions of the East are important for reconciling economic, political and social problems Russia's initiative to carry out in 1999 the Third Peace conference in the Hague might contribute to this goal
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