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Values and orientations in Russians' social consciousness

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 23-07-2005
The author addresses the changes that have taken place in mass consciousness in Russian society during recent 15 years. It has mainly freed from ideological taboos, is less politicized and quite tolerant in assessing market economy. However, a feeling of alarm and future dangers has also taken firm roots. This kind of psychological stress is conditioned by factors characterized in the paper. Specific forms of adaptation are discussed as well with an accent on a growing realization of stronger moral regulations, and, on a more general plane, on 'bringing country to order' by means of a 'stronger state'. This is a posture affecting in rather paradoxical manner attitudes to democracy, freedoms, liberal values, and social justice. Inter alia, this fact throws new light on the issue of specific practical steps made by the government.
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