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Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations
(University of Michigan)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Цели и задачи
Programs at the Institute have addressed issues such as labor market structure, collective bargaining, union leadership development, worker health, diversity in the workplace, low-wage employment and poverty, urban economic development, and the internationalization of economic relations.
Jinyun Liu - Co-Director
E. Ian Robinson - Co-Director
Исследовательские проекты
The Labor Market Research Program has two main focus areas: economic forecasting and economic policy analysis.
Labor and Global Change:
  • a small grants program to foster research on these questions by UM faculty and students;
  • the development of a Research Network that will provide text-searchable summaries of leading research on these questions and contact information on the authors of these studies;
  • the development of courses that explore arguments and evidence bearing on issues of labor and global change;
  • and the organization of public talks and symposia bringing together the UM research community and experts from around the world to explore aspects of these issues.

  • Worker Health Program:
  • Developing and evaluating an integrated wellness model that addresses the full range of preventable health problems in the working population;
  • Determining the most effective ways of addressing preventable health problems in working, non-health insured populations;
  • Collaborative programs with coalitions in low-income, urban neighborhoods to adapt prevention programs to the realities of low-income neighborhoods and to develop total health services for people now left out of health insurance (working and non-working populations). These become part of broader efforts to build sustainable communities in the geographic areas that are particularly hard hit by the shrinking manufacturing activity; and
  • Continue to disseminate results, broaden constituencies, and institutionalize findings (i.e., through HMOs, employer organizations, etc.).
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    ILIR Publications 1998–2004

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