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Department of Sociology
(Oxford University)

Обновлено: 25-08-2010
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Центры, Высшего образования
Цели и задачи
The department's key research strengths are in stratification, political sociology and middle range theory.
Исследовательские проекты
  • National Identity and Constitutional Change in England
  • A History of British Sociology Since 1880
  • The Oxford Admissions Study
  • A Behavioural Microsimulation of Ethnic Disadvantage in Labour Markets
  • The Relationship Between Indigenous and Immigrant Criminal Groupings in Contemporary Japan
  • Ethnic Minority Disadvantage
  • Social Status, Lifestyle and Cultural Consumption: A Comparative Study
  • Social Stratification and Electoral Behaviour in India

    Abstracts of Research Projects
  • Публикации
    Gallie, Duncan and Serge Paugam (eds.) Welfare regimes and the experience of unemployment in Europe. Oxford, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 2000.

    Goldthorpe, John H., Catriona Llewellyn and Clive PayneSocial mobility and class structure in modern Britain. 2nd ed. Oxfordshire: Clarendon Press; N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 1987.

    Goldthorpe, John H. The Affluent worker. L.: Cambridge University Press, 1968.

    On-line Sociology Working Papers

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