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Center for Culture, Organization, and Politics (CCOP)
(Institute of Industrial Relations (IIR) / University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley))

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The main activity of the Center is a seminar that meets every two weeks. The seminar is composed of graduate students and faculty from Sociology, Political Science, and the Law School. The seminar discusses individual scholars’ work in progress.
The Center is also organizing a speakers’ series in cooperation with the Institute for Government Studies on "Institutional Analysis in the Social Sciences."
Papers from "The Corporation as a Social Institution" Program
May 17-19, 2001:
Working Papers for 2001

• Fligstein, Neil (#2001-01)
Social Skill and the Theory of Fields

• Fligstein, Neil and Merand, Frederic (#2001-02)
Globalization or Europeanization? Evidence on the European Economy Since 1980

• Granovetter, Mark (#2001-03)
A Theoretical Agenda for Economic Sociology

• Noymer, Andrew (#2001-04)
The Transmission and Persistence of 'Urban Legends': Sociological Application of Age-Structured Epidemic Models

• Popp, Elizabeth (#2001-05)
Creating a National Medical Field: The Associated Apothecaries and Surgeon-Apothecaries, The Provincial Medical and Surgical Assocation, and the First Professional Project

• Pulver, Simone (#2001-06)
Green Expectations: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Implementing A Voluntary Environmental Management System

• Schulz, Jeremy (#2001-07)
Discourses about Market Capitalism in the Age of Subjective Values An Inquiry Into Ideologies, Moralities, and Grammers of Evaluation

• Benson, Rodney (#2001-08)
The Mediated Public Sphere: A Model for Cross-National Research

Working Papers for 2000

• Beckert, Jens (#2000-01)
Economic Action and Embeddedness

• Byrkjeflot, Haldor (#2000-02)
Engineering a link between vocational schools and universities?

• Cichowski, Rachel A. (#2000-03)
The Institutionalization of Sex Equality for Europe

• Fligstein, Neil (#2000-04)
Globalization or Europeanization

• Fligstein, Neil, and Alec Stone-Sweet (#2000-05)
The Institutionalization of the Treaty of Rome

• McNichol, Jason (#2000-06)
Contesting Governance in the Global Marketplace

• У Riain, Sean (#2000-07)
States and Markets in an Era of Globalization

• Schmidt, Laura Anne (#2000-08)
The Corporate Transformation of American Health Care

• Shapiro, Martin (#2000-09)
The Institutionalization of European Administrative Space

Working Papers for 1999

• Fligstein, Neil (#1999-01)
Fields, Power, and Social Skill: A Critical Analysis of The New Institutionalisms

• Fligstein, Neil (#1999-02)
Is Globalization the Cause of the Crises of Welfare States?

• Gerber, Theodore P., and Michael Hout (#1999-03)
More Shock Than Therapy: Market Transition, Employment, and Income in Russia, 1991-1995

• Stone, Alec (#1999-04)
Judicialization and the Construction of Governance

• Stryker, Sean D. (#1999-05)
The Rationalization of the Political Field: Beyond the State and Society-Centered Theories of Policy Change

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