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Turku School of Economics and Business Administration (Turun Kauppakorkeakoulu)

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The aim of the studies, offered within the Logistics Studies programme, is to give an overall picture of inbound, internal and outbound flow of materials within a company. Further, how to plan and organise information flows in the most effective way in order to achieve the economic goals of a company
Учебные курсы
Исследовательские проекты
"Market Structure and Regulatory Reform in Transport", for The World Bank (WB).

"Private sector Participation in Infrastructure", for the World Bank.

"Logistical Polarisation of Europe", for OECD.

"Development of Logistics theory", for the Swedish Communications Research Board (KFB).

Multimodal Management Ghame, for the Finnish Min. of Transport, Lauri Ojala, Timo Leino.

"Logistics Metrics", measuring SME’s logistics

"Transport of Dangerous Goods"- An EU PHARE-training mission in Lithuania (8 mos), the project coordinator.

"International Pharmaceutical Supply Chains"

"The Turku Region as a Logistical Centre", with Municipalities in the region, Chamber of Commerce etc.

Global Sourcing and Global Logistics research project with a major Finnish MNE

"TITO-Project" order-to-delivery process analysis, LOGS1 –course project for Outokumpu Poricopper Oy
Logistical Polarisation In Europe If It Exists, Is Geography To Blame Or What? 1998 Ojala, L.M.;

Jaakko Savirannan juhlajulkaisussa Marjanen, H. (toim.), C-3. Presentation of Logistics Sources: Logistics in a Philosophy of Science Perspective Symposium, Tisvildeleje, DK, January 1998.

Restructuring Highway Agencies - The FinnRa Case: Options for Africa 1998 Ojala, L.M; Sirvio, E.;

Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP), SSATP Technical Note no. 15, The World Bank, Washington D.C.

Transforming Railways - The Case of Finland 1998 Ojala, L.M.;

Karin Holstiuksen juhlajulkaisussa Tikkanen, H. (ed.), Marketing and International Business, Publications from the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, A-2. p. 199-226.

Logistics Strategies for Integrated Europe: Finnish Firms in Focus. In: Selected Proceedings of the 6th World Conference on Transport Research, Vol. 4, 2569-2580. Lyon. 1993 Juga, Jari; Taina, Jorma;
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