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Fisher College of Business, Marketing & Logistics Research
(Ohio State University (OSU))

Обновлено: 29-03-2011
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The department houses two research centers. The Global Supply Chain Forum, directed by Professor Douglas M. Lambert, provides the opportunity for leading practitioners and academics to pursue the critical issues related to customer satisfaction and operational excellence independent of specific functional expertise. The Forum supports research and publications focused on real world applications and experience of particular relevance to its corporate members, who are senior executives of firms recognized as being on the leading edge of their respective industries.

The Supply Chain Management Research Group, led by Professors Bernard J. La Londe and James L. Ginter, conducts relevant business research that is valuable to supporting organizations, students, and faculty. The research focuses on increasing knowledge in the public domain in the form of working papers, presentations, and publications. Supporting organizations have immediate access to findings and viewpoints from working closely with the research teams formed around specific topics.
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The Supply Chain Management Research
The Global Supply Chain Forum
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