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Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research (SCANCOR)
Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research
Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Тип организации
Центры, Исследовательские и аналитические, Профессиональные ассоциации и союзы
Walter W. Powell
Исследовательские проекты
The purpose of Scancor is:
•to advance research and development in the social sciences, particularly in the area of organizational studies

•to facilitate and support collaboration among its member institutions

•to facilitate and encourage collaboration among scholars at Stanford, in Scandinavia, and in other resaerch centers in Europe.
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(650) 723 7267
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USA, Stanford, CERAS 509
Stanford University, Stanford
California 94305-3084, USA

Copenhagen Business School
Department of Organization and Industrial Sociology
Solbjerg Plads 3, DK-2000
Frederiksberg, Denmark

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