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Center for Gender and Politics
(Peace Institute: Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Research and education in the fields of gender studies and politics, and social policies. The center also carries out studies and expert analysis for NGOs and governmental institutions. Works area: Political participation and political theory, gender studies, Social policies, Extremist movements, organizations and parties, xenophobia, nationalism, chauvinism and racism, The history of women's and feminist movements, Media and violence, Education for women in politics, feminism, and political management, The promotion of a women's agenda.
Program director Vlasta Jalusic, PhD
Исследовательские проекты
MAGEEQ: Policy Frames and Implementation Problems:
the Case of Gender Mainstreaming
Head of the project: Vlasta Jalušič, PhD
Family and Social Contexts of Gay and Lesbian Lifestyles in Slovenia and Proposals for Policy in The Field
Head of the project: Alenka Švab, PhD
Women in Local Politics: Slovenia and Hungary
Head of the project: Milica G. Antić, PhD
Media Construction of Homosexual Identity
Head of the project: Roman Kuhar, MA
Strengthening Non-Governmental Social Security Services
Head of the project: Vesna Leskošek, PhD

Models of Co-Financing Social Security Services Provided by NGOs
Head of the project: Vesna Leskošek, PhD
Prospects for Gender Equality Politics in Central and Eastern Europe Head of the project: doc. dr. Vlasta Jalušič
The Profiles of Women's Magazines
Head of the project: Barbara Vodopivec from April to September 2001;
Majda Hrženjak, PhD, since September 2001.

Sociological Conceptual Analysis of Family Policy in Slovenia Head of the project: Alenka Švab, PhD
Social Status of Student Families in Ljubljana
Head of the project: Alenka Švab, PhD
Vlasta Jalusic: Gender and Political Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe Published in: Losers of the "Wende" - winners of the EU : participation of women: chances and effects of the transformation process, Documentation of the Conference in Vienna, Austria, November 6th - 8th, 1998. Vienna: Austrian Political Science Association: Politik und Geschlecht, Forum für feministische Diskussionen 1998, pp. 13-24.
Jalusic V. and Antic M. Women –Politics - Equal Opportunities. Prospects for Gender Equality Politics in Central and Eastern Europe. Peace Institute. Ljubjana. 2001
Регулярные мероприятия, семинары, конференции
International Summer School 'Gender and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Perspectives for Equal Opportunity Politics in Central and Eastern Europe', September 2001, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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Slovenia , Ljubljana , Metelkova ulica 6 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

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