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European Marketing Confederation (EMC)

Обновлено: 29-03-2011
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Цели и задачи
The European Marketing Confederation (EMC), the umbrella organisation for over 17 marketing, sales and communication associations in 15 countries in Europe, is launching a new revamped website.

Brussels, Belgium EU (DMSE) April 22, 2005 -- The new site provides users with a comprehensive overview of the confederation, its activities and its people. Divided in two main areas, it aims at addressing the public and EMC members.

The public area is targeting marketing associations and corporates present on the marketing arena and provides information about EMC and its members. It gives the opportunity to use its library to search for documents, an agenda full of relevant events and useful links to varied sources of information.

At the members’ only area, EMC member associations will discover a lot of facilities that will allow them to benefit from experience and knowledge collected from all over Europe. They will be able to directly download useful information from the site (such as a collection of presentations, studies, etc.) and closely follow what is happening at EMC with the possibility to download agendas and minutes of meetings. The website provides the members with a simple way to be in touch with EMC on a regular basis and to be actively involved in its activities.
На сайте выложены публикации членов ЕМС.

Регулярные мероприятия, семинары, конференции
CIM conference in collaboration with the University of Western Sydney (UWS) on Marketing in the Asia Pacific Region and the Antipodes over the next decade
Информацию о конференциях, семинарах и иных мероприятиях, проводимых ЕМС, можно найти в разделе «Events»
Домашняя страница
+32 2 742 17 80
+32 2 742 17 85
Belgium, Brussel, Place des Chasseurs Ardennais - 20 B-1030 Brussels
Условия вступления
Выделяется 2 уровня членства в Конфедерации:
-full members – национальные федерации маркетинга (по одной от страны), способные соответствовать финансовым и этическим нормам и требованиям ЕМС;
-associate members – национальные и международные организации, чья деятельность не противоречит нормам и требованиям ЕМС и связана с маркетингом и продажами
Дополнительная информация
Member of the Board
European Marketing Confederation, EMC

Partner & Senior Consultant
Direct Marketing Services (Europe)

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