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Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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The Institute for Fiscal Studies is a research institute which exists to provide top quality economic analysis independent of government, political party or any other vested interest. IFS exerts substantial influence through publications, the media, close contacts with civil servants and regular meetings with Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members.

Our research looks particularly at the UK tax system, considering the likely effects of fiscal policy on every section of the population.

We aim to disseminate our research as widely as possible, and the press relies on IFS as a source of authoritative, impartial comment on fiscal matters.

Working Paper Series
Journal "Fiscal Studies"

Регулярные мероприятия, семинары, конференции
IFS Annual Residential Conference
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(+44) (020) 7291 4800
(+44) (020) 7323 4780
United Kingdom, London, 7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE
Условия вступления
You can join the IFS as an individual, corporate or institutional (not-for-profit organisations) member.

Individual Membership - £35 (£30 for academics)

Non-profit making institutions - £125

Partnerships and Companies - £1000 minimum


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