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Education and Training Section
(Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS))

Обновлено: 29-03-2011
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The Institute for Fiscal Studies is a research institute which exists to provide top quality economic analysis independent of government, political party or any other vested interest. IFS exerts substantial influence through publications, the media, close contacts with civil servants and regular meetings with Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members.
Исследовательские проекты
School Quality
Returns to Education
Returns to Higher Education
The Determinants and Effects of Work-related Training
Impact of education and training on employment durations
Training and Company Performance
Evaluation of the Education Maintenance Allowance Pilots
Education and Labour Market Choices
Some working papers

The effects of human capital on social capital: a cross-country analysis
Kevin Denny

Ability, parental background and educational policy: empirical evidence from a social experiment
Costas Meghir and Marten Palme

The returns to education: a review of the empirical macro-economic literature Barbara Sianesi and John Van Reenen

all available on-line
Регулярные мероприятия, семинары, конференции
28th January 2004, Institute for Fiscal Studies, IFS Green Budget 2004
2nd - 4th October 2003,Institute for Fiscal Studies,Third Workshop of the RTN Project on Economics of Ageing
25th June 2003, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Assessment of Higher Education finance proposals
30th June 2003, Institute for Fiscal Studies, IFS Annual Lecture
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