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European Logistics Association (ELA)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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The ELA-goal is to provide a link and an open forum for any individual or society concerned with logistics within Europe and to serve industry and trade.
Gérard Roux
  • The Influence of E-Commerce on Tomorrow's Logistics
  • Global Supply Chain E-fficiency
  • Insight to Impact
  • Logistics Excellence in Europe
  • Logistics Performance Measures Requirements and Measuring Methods

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    + 32 2 230 02 11
    + 32 2 230 81 23
    Belgium, Brussels, Kunstlaan 19 Avenue des Arts
    B-1210 Brussels
    Условия вступления
    ELA has six categories of membership:
    Full Members are European non-commercial institutions, associations and other bodies, which represent individual or corporate members involved in Logistics.
    Associate Members are European non-commercial, academic and learned societies, institutions and other organizations which have an interest in Logistics but for some reason do not wish to apply or are unable to apply for full membership.
    Affiliates are international organizations active in the field of Logistics with whom ELA has reciprocal arrangements, for exchanging information, literature, etc.
    Corporate Members are international commercial organizations, which have an interest in Logistics. This membership category is open for international commercial organizations only, who operate in more than one European country and have members holding individual or corporate membership in the relevant national ELA Member Associations. (The national ELA Member(s) of the country where the (candidate) Corporate Member's Headquarters are located, will be asked for consent).
    Fellows are individual European academicians or experts specialized in logistics, proposed by the ELA Research & Development Committee, in recognition of their contribution in developing the ELA body of knowledge.
    Honorary Members are persons who have given an exceptional contribution to the development of ELA.
    The success of ELA may grow with the adhesion of new members which expansion will enable ELA to give a larger view of the whole Logistics world. ELA's efficiency will be measured to the number and the dynamism of its members. New Members will find at ELA a warm and friendly welcome and the Secretariat is at the entire disposal for further information required.

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