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Transport Management Research Centre

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Год основания
Тип организации
Центры, Высшего образования
Professor Chris Wright
Исследовательские проекты
  • Further Development of a Design Tool for Traffic Management
  • Road Accident Migration
  • Controlling Area-wide Traffic Congestion
  • Improved Methods for Representing Road Accident Data
  • Highway Geometry and Layout for Road Accident Analysis
  • The Street Environment and its Effect on Child Safety
  • Children's perceptions of the road environment.
  • Integrated Road Traffic Management and the 'Virtual Railway'
  • Transport Aesthetics and the 'Discreet Car'
    ABBESS C R* (2002) Going faster - but where?. Transition: J of the Centre for Independent Transport Research in London, 18, 22-25.
  • 2002/5U LUPTON, K* and M BAYLEY (2002) Children's perspectives on road safety. Workshop on Children and Traffic, Roskilde University, 2-3 May 2002. (unpub).
  • 2002/6N LUPTON K* and M BAYLEY (2002) Children - how they interact with the street environment. Traffic Engng + Control, 43 (6), 224-226.
  • 2002/7U LUPTON K*, COLWELL J and M BAYLEY (2002) Aspects of children's road crossing behaviour. Proc Instn of Civil Engineers: The Municipal Engineer, 151 (2), 151-157.
  • 2002/8R WACKRILL, P A* (2002) The out-of-kilter algorithm applied to traffic congestion. J Operational Research Society, 53, 1133-1141.
  • 2003/1U CURTIS, B* and WRIGHT, C C (2003) Re-shaping the motor car. Proc Universities Transport Study Annual Conference, Loughborough University, 6-8 January

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