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Charles A. Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics
(Ohio State University (OSU))

Обновлено: 29-03-2011
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The Charles A. Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics is dedicated to promoting high-quality research in financial economics at Ohio State University. The Center is especially interested in sponsoring research which is of importance to the financial community of Ohio and the United States.
Rene M. Stulz
Working Papers Series

  • Rodolfo Martell and René M. Stulz ;Equity market liberalizations as country IPOs
  • G. Andrew Karolyi ;The Role of ADRs in the Development and Integration of Emerging Equity Markets
  • Wayne Guay, David Haushalter, and Bernadette A. Minton ;The Influence of Corporate Risk Exposures on the Accuracy of Earnings Forecasts
  • Sara B. Moeller, Frederik P. Schlingemann, and René M. Stulz ;Do shareholders of acquiring firms gain from acquisitions?
  • Joshua Coval, David Hirshleifer, and
  • Tyler Shumway ;Can Individual Investors Beat the Market?
  • G. Andrew Karolyi and Bong-Chan Kho ;Momentum Strategies: Some Bootstrap Tests
  • Ming Dong, David Hirshleifer, Scott Richardson, and Siew Hong Teoh ;Does Investor Misvaluation Drive the Takeover Market
  • Shaun A. Bond G. Andrew Karolyi and Anthony B. Sanders ;International Real Estate Returns: A Multifactor, Multicountry Approach
  • Michael L. Smith ;Deterrence and Origin of Legal System: Evidence From 1950 – 2000
  • David Hirshleifer, Kewei Hou, Siew Hong Teoh, and Yinglei Zhang ;Investor Misperceptions of Balance Sheet Information: Net Operating Assets and the Sustainability of Financial Performance
  • Kewei Hou and Tobias Moskowitz ;Market Frictions, Price Delay, and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns
  • G. Andrew Karolyi ;Does International Financial Contagion Really Exist?
  • Brent Ambrose and Anthony B. Sanders ;Legal Restrictions in Personal Loan Markets
  • Jim Hsieh and Ralph A.Walkling ;Determinants and Implications of Arbitrage Holdings in Acquisitions
  • Dan Bernhardt, Vladimir Dvoracek, Eric Hughson, and Ingrid Werner ;Why Do Larger Orders Receive Discounts on the London Stock Exchange?
  • Jean Helwege and Nellie Liang ;Initial Public Offerings in Hot and Cold Markets
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the Center has supported its junior and senior faculty with supplemental grants to be used for datasets, travel and subscriptions. In addition, the Center uses its resources to purchase important research related databases and equipment. The Center also supports Ph.D. students at Ohio State and actively participates in the recruitment phase of the Ph.D. program.

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