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Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS)
(University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley))

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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Institute faculty and scholars specialize in the study of American national, state, and local government and politics, public administration, technology and government, and public policy. Ongoing research focuses on such issues as the history of American political institutions, reapportionment in theory and practice, racial and ethnic politics in California, political regulation and campaign finance, immigration and citizenship, and institutional reform.

IGS supports faculty research, conducts seminars, sponsors programs for scholars, students, and policymakers, and provides an intellectual home for graduate students. The IGS Press pursues a vigorous publishing program, and the IGS Library, with two librarians and more than 400,000 documents, pamphlets, research reports, periodicals, and books, is a unique resource for scholars and students of public policy and public administration.
See section on Publications at Center's homepage.
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