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American Agricultural Economics Association

Обновлено: 07-10-2011
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Тип организации
Центры, Профессиональные ассоциации и союзы
Цели и задачи
Vision - AAEA will be the leading organization for professional development and information related to the economics and business of food, agriculture, resources, environment, development and allied fields.

Mission - To enhance the skills, knowledge and professional contribution of those economists who help society to solve problems related to agriculture, food, resources, and economic development.

Goals Provide leadership and stimulation for innovative thinking about emerging societal needs and issues embodied in the AAEA mission statement. Promote and recognize high standards of professional accomplishment in both the public and private sectors, including economic analysis, classroom teaching, outreach activities, research, management and administration, consulting and other relevant endeavors. Encourage analysis and dialogue on a broad range of relevant issues and subject matter affecting production agriculture, the food system, natural resources, the environment, and rural people and places. Facilitate communication and cooperation among AAEA members, scientists in other fields, decision makers, and the public. Enhance public understanding, appreciation, and support for economists working on problems related to agriculture, food, resources, and economic development. Encourage and facilitate professional growth and development opportunities for AAEA members, and others, including special activities and learning opportunities for emerging professionals (e.g., undergraduate and graduate students).

John Brandt, North Carolina State University, Dept. of Ag. and Resource Economics (for year 2003)
Публикации журнала American Journal of Agricultural Economics доступны только по подписке или членству в ассоциации. Некоторые из научных работ, представленных на конференциях можно почитать на сайте http://ecsocman.hse.ru/ (раздел Аграрная экономика, подраздел Книги) ,

полностью все работы конференций публикуются на поисковом сайте AgEcon Search - http://agecon.lib.umn.edu/ .

Transition and Food Consumption (W.Liefert, B.Lohmar, E.Serova.)

Russia’s Food Economy in Transition: What Do Reforms Mean for the Long-term Outlook? (J.Von Braun, E. Serova, Harm tho Seeth, and Olga Melyukhina)

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