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Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
(University of Idaho (UI))

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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The department meets research and extension needs of citizens resulting from economic and social issues related to agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities. The department is committed to enhancing the quality of life for the people of Idaho and the national and global communities by: providing new knowledge to support agricultural economies of Idaho and the nation and understanding of economic and social matters related to natural and human resources and to rural communities; helping people improve their lives through application of research-based knowledge and leadership development focused on economic and social issues and needs. The department’s teaching mission is to provide students with analytical skills and general knowledge as well as the ethical and professional expertise to be responsible, critically-thinking citizens, well prepared to be leaders in their communities. We strive to assure that our graduates are able to function productively in situations such as management of farms and ranches, firms that supply inputs to agriculture, firms that handle and process agricultural commodities, and firms and public agencies that manage natural resources and develop natural resource related public policy.
Larry Van Tassell, Department Head
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(208) 885-6262
(208) 885-5759
USA, Idaho , PO Box 442334,Sixth Street and Rayburn,Moscow ID, 83844-2334

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